Entry 4

In this entry I share about the restoration of the High Praises of God – the praises that bind and displace the enemies of our lives – the demonic realm.

Restoring the High Praises

Early last year God said to me that it was time for the High Praises of God to again be released in our nation. He reiterated that part of the call on the nation of NZ is to be a nation of worshipping warriors, a nation that changes things in the realm of the Spirit by worship. He shared that there is a place of leading and touching the nations in the area of worship for us to pick up again. I believe part of that will be to do with what I call ‘ascended worship’.

The high places in the Bible are always associated with worship. I believe the High Praises of God are the ones released from the highest place, the place of ascended worship. What is the place of ascended worship? It is the place of the prophetic revelation and experiential knowledge that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places and that we can see from His perspective. Ascended worship is the worship that we sing in that place – it is the worship our spirits release as we are seated in heavenly places. We get to release that worship here on earth through the vehicle of our soul, using our mind, will, body, heart and emotions.

The High Praises are praises sung from the place of victory before it has happened. Why? Because we have seen from God’s perspective, from that place beyond time. We have seen into the future and sing from that place of revealed victory. The High Praises are the praises released as we stand on the top of that rock of revelation. These are the praises that will cut through the enemies that surround our lives and … “bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron”. Ps 149:8

Cultural expressions

There is also something yet to be released in the nations of the world relating to their national cultural expressions of worship. I believe that when the nations of the world reclaim their cultural expressions in worship, those cultural expressions of High Praise will be a part of unseating and displacing the powers of darkness over those nations. Whenever I have seen a culture use their unique expressions of ‘who they are as a people’ in worship I have sensed something very powerful take place in the Spirit, I have seen the powers of darkness tremble and withdraw and the heavens become open over those places.

If  you want to learn more about ‘ascended’ and ‘prophetic’ worship – check out our coming events page for the School of Prophetic Worship- “The Power of His Presence” that we will be teaching at the end of January.