Entry 3

This entry carries on from yesterdays as part of the entry on Holiness

Repentance – the threefold gift of God

Repentance is, in fact, the promise of a threefold gift from God, – a gift that enables us to change from one degree of glory to another, that changes us, bringing us more into the likeness of Jesus, the one whom we love. As with all things in God, when we align ourselves with the promise then the promise releases the blessing. When we sin we close ourselves off to the kindness and goodness of God. Conviction restores us to being open to that and aligns us with the promise.

1. The gift of God’s sight

The first gift repentance offers us is conviction, which is the gift of God’s sight – the ability to see something from His perspective. We get to see sin from God’s perspective. Does God hate sin? Yes, but why? It is because sin violates and defiles love. Our sin will always cause a separation between God and us and will violate and defile that love relationship in so many ways. Because God is love, and He loves us, anything that violates or defiles that love relationship is going to be abhorrent to Him.

So with the gift of repentance we see the awfulness of our fallen nature and we see the promise of God. But before we can obtain the promise we must fully embrace the revelation of what our sin is. If we don’t we will short circuit what God wants to achieve in our lives and embrace a false belief that ‘sin isn’t so bad’, and so whitewash over our deadness and come into a place of deception.

2. The gift of supply

The second gift that repentance brings is the gift of supply – when the Holy Spirit convicts me of something He is relaying the Father’s willingness to supply what I lack – to gift me something of eternal value.

e.g. unable to pray? Conviction releases the promise that He will help us…with the promise and gift of the Holy Spirit to pray with us

Struggling with unclean thoughts? Conviction brings with it the promise and gift of purity.

Problems with doubt and unbelief ? With conviction the Lord seeks to gift us with and initiate faith.

3. The gift of being changed into His likeness

The third gift of repentance is the gift of being changed into His likeness. It is a revealing of ‘who He is’ and ‘who we are in Him’ and the gift of being changed from one degree of glory to another. It is a gift that aligns us with the power of Honour.

When we honour someone, it releases them to be ‘who they are’ to us. So in repentance God gives us the gift of ‘who He is’. e.g. if our sin is one of uncleanness then He gifts us purity, and purity is a part of who He is. But not only does He give us the gift of ‘who He is’; He looks from eternity’s perspective and sees us in our finished, eternal state and so in repentance He gives us honour by declaring what He sees we can become. This releases us to be ‘who we are’ – as He sees us. Wow! What an amazing, giving God. What a gift of love repentance is. When we see repentance like this then how gladly we run towards it, and therefore towards God.

God, we ask that in Your kindness You would come with the gift of conviction, that leads to repentance, and the promise that this brings, so that our lives might bring honour to You. In doing this we release You to be God (all of ‘who You are’) in our lives and in the earth.