Entry 2

Wrapping up 2008

In this the second of nine entries I want to start by wrapping up what I have felt for 2008. Early in 2008 I felt God show me three things He wanted to see released prophetically and experientially into our nation. Over the next few days I will share about those three things and then to go on to release into the nation what I believe God has given me for 2009. Those things were…


The restoration of the High Praises of God

The other came in the form of a question with a corresponding answer – Who moved the stones / boundary markers? Pursue, overtake and recover all!

 I have seen some areas of the Church in NZ take significant steps in these areas this year, which has been wonderful to see, and I believe we will continue to see these areas be a focus. Some of the entries are a bit longer and some shorter but that does not reflect on their importance. In some there is just more that I felt needed to be said.


As I was in a worship time in late 2007 I became aware of a very large angel standing to one side of the platform. It was an angel whose wings were covered with eyes. It held a large sword, had a very staunch, serious look to it, and was quite frightening to look at. On asking God what it was and why it was here I felt God say that it was an angel of holiness and that God was releasing it into our nation in 2008 to begin to minister to the children of God. Obviously an angel will never usurp or take the place of the Holy Spirit in this area of convicting people of sin, but I believe the angels do work with the Holy Spirit under His direction.

Since then I have been aware of the angel’s presence in many meetings and every time it has come there has been a very tangible sense of the holiness of God pervade the meeting with people often kneeling and prostrating themselves before God as He revealed their hearts to them. There has been a very real sense of the dealings of God as He has called us to repentance.

I believe that this call to holiness will continue to increase in 2009. Holiness is definitely something God is calling the Church into but it’s a joy-filled, love-based holiness, not a rule-filled, fear-based one.

The Bride

It’s the Bride – pure and spotless coming forth. There must come a move of holiness that shifts us individually and corporately into a place of living holy lives – not out of a sense of resigned co-operation but because our love is such that we do not want to hurt the one we love. The Bride is being made ready for her Bridegroom. We will also notice a greater emphasis on the Bride of Christ around the world.


Along with this call to holiness we will see an increase of exposure happening as consistent lifestyle sin is exposed. God will do everything He can to draw us to repentance but if we will not come then eventually He will expose that sin for our good.

Repentance – the precursor to Holiness

I don’t know how many years it is since I heard a sermon preached on holiness and repentance (apart from this last year). I have heard lots on the grace of God (His unmerited favour) over the last few years but little, if anything, on the need for the precious gift of repentance and living a holy lifestyle. Repentance has always had such negative connotations associated with it but it is a most precious gift that reveals the kindness of God to us.

God is on the move and desires to bring the Church into a season of holiness. I believe we will again see sovereign moves of holiness and repentance sweeping the Church worldwide and not just a congregation here or there, as in seasons past. But to fully embrace what He desires to do we need to have a fresh understanding of the gift of repentance that He is offering us.

We must change the way we see repentance. Repentance is most often seen as a thing that makes us feel bad and therefore it has very negative connotations.  We think that conviction and repentance are there because God hates sin. That is true, but we often fail to see the bigger picture. We must understand why God hates sin. Repentance is really all about God’s love, giving and honour. “The kindness of God leads us to repentance” – Rom 2:4.

This entry on Holiness will be completed tomorrow when I will look at the wonderful threefold gift of repentance