I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas – full of the things that matter most – family, friends, love, laughter and copious amounts of good coffee. We had a lovely Christmas day with our family. We generally lazed around, opened presents around the tree, drank coffee,img_4014 ate on the deck in the sunshine, played cards and read our Christmas books. We have forgone one or two of our usual traditions this year but there was one I couldn’t forgo and that was the tradition of everyone receiving a book for Christmas. This is something we’ve done right from the kids first Christmas – started because of my love for books and belief that all children should grow up with a love for them too. In fact I can remember reading to my kids as I sat there feeding them as infants even. Especially I remember each year reading to them the account of Jesus’ birth and how we came to celebrate Christmas.

This Christmas day was a wonderful day, full of the usual things that make Christmas special- the making of memories being up there amongst the most important. I remember back to my childhood and Christmas has many fond memories for me. That waking up early wondering whether Santa had been – yes when I was a child we did believe in Santa, the sneaking out to check – hoping not to wake Dad in the process. Then as I got older there was the excitement of seeing 13 peoples(9 children, 2 parents & Nana & Grandad) presents for each other under the tree. When we were all working that looked like a mountain of gifts and was as it usually totalled over one hundred presents. 

Back then I had a vague knowledge of Jesus and the story surrounding his birth but it was not important to me in the way it is now. Now Christmas is a celebration of the greatest gift of all times – Jesus; and each year we remember that most precious gift. So Christmas is all about the making of memories and remembering. 

As a family we usually put a lot of time and thought into finding presents that will fit the person we are giving them to. There is one I would like to share with you all from this Christmas (I’m doing the ‘proud Mum’ thing here) and that was one that my son Dan made for me.

Both he and I have a love for things industrial in look and he has made a few things over the last couple of years that fit in with the ‘steampunk’ look. ‘Steampunk’ for those who don’t know is a genre of things that have a ‘Victorian come industrial’ look about them. Google and check out some of the amazing things people have created. Check out these sites and they will provide links to many others. www.brassgoggles.co.uk    www.taplamp.com  www.wetanz.com/holics/rayguns.php   www.thesteampunkhome.blogspot.com


Last year Dan made a ‘steampunk’ look bible cover for Rob H who was staying with us from the USA and this year it was a lamp for me with the coolest industrial bulbs and lots of copper and brass embellishments. The dial on the front is a dimmer made out of watch parts. The on-off switch at the back is surrounded by a brass plate with cutout work and the power cord is a wonderful old fashioned black and gold stripey cord like an iron cord. 

I love creativity of any sort and this Christmas was full of it as we all created gifts and food and memories that will live with us for a long time – the  gifts and memories anyway (hopefully the food won’t live with us for a long time).