It’s been a busy year; a year that has seen us start a new ministry and meet a lot of people who are hungry to see the glory of God released in NZ. We have travelled from one end of the country to the other and a lot of places in between and seen some miles roll over on the old mileage counter of our car. As many of you have read throughout the year, God has done some amazing things in not only others lives but ours as well. But the year is drawing to a close and we are going to take a holiday break. Yes we are doing the kiwi thing and shutting up shop over Christmas (at least officially). Rob is going to go kayaking for a few days, I am going to get my paints and brushes out and do some paintings. We will sit on the deck and drink coffee and read good books (fiction and non-fiction) and do some work on our section which threatens to turn into a wilderness each time we go away.

I was thinking about the year and all its held and to satisfy my curiousity I did a count the other day and this is what I came up with regarding the year

This year we have ministered at

53 Sunday services (am or pm)

18 or more churches

36 mid week meetings

6 School of Extreme Prophetic (3 days long)

5 Glory Schools (3 days long)

1 School of Prophetic Worship (3 days long)

1 Ladies Camp (3 days)

6 Xtravagant worship nights

3 conferences (3 days long)

1 art workshop


6 conferences

5 Prophetic Round Table meetings

overseas travel

7 weeks in USA

So after all that I think we have earned a holiday. Until next time, have a great Christmas, relax, unwind and have fun with family and friends. Bless you all heaps.