I had a little spare time the other day so I sat down to write. Thinking about some of the things that have happened this year and the growing realisation that this world is not the real world sparked these thoughts in verse

in this shadow world

in this shadow world

where things appear real

I go about my day

yet my spirit knows

that I was born for more


is not

how I perceive it here

it’s a quantum leap

as my spirit

whispers to my soul

that there is more

its not light years away

just one dimension

and the fabric

is getting thin


so I look to you

take me away

to reality



like a veil of smoke


so thin

I step through

this portal of grace

in a quantum leap

heavens open

I ascend

into that Holy place

where reality

embraces me

shifting shadows

fade away

as I see at last

with spirit eyes

the things my eyes

have longed to see


 There is so much out there in the realm of Heaven to explore as the Holy Spirit leads me and more and more I find that I hunger for the things of heaven to be made real in this world, in this time. Holy Spirit, stoke the fires of that hunger and let it burn in me, refining me, filling me, drawing me into that greater reality. And then; let it overflow until the reality of Heaven fills me and spills out in rivers of living water refreshing and bringing life wherever I go.