A wonderful thing is happening in our city as two Korean churches of different denominations but the same heart are grouping together to form an outreach into the university in Auckland. We were asked to minister at their first meetings where the two churches came together for God to minister to and encourage them as they prepare and pray into that venture. We had two powerful nights of meetings where God moved in deep and life changing ways. Rob spoke the first night on Gideon and culture clash /overturning dominant cultures. Then we prayed for people for impartation and they experienced the power of the Holy Spirit, some received deliverance and some prophetic words. Just about every person was ministered to by the end of the evening as people hungry to encounter God pressed forward to be prayed for. 

On the second night – Lyn spoke on being a people of the supernatural and also on the need to take authority over intimidation. She then got the university students to stand and we prayed for a spirit of boldness and power to come upon them and then we got people who needed prayer for healing to come forward and we got the students to pray for them. There were at least 3 immediate healings then. Lyn then led people in a prayer renouncing intimidation and then we prayed for people generally, with lots of people being touched. We were again praying for people until 11.00pm. I(Rob) felt to go to the keyboard and play and sing prophetically over the atmosphere and did so for quite a while, while Lyn prayed for people. It was a great time!

God is moving in our city of Auckland and it is especially noticeable when churches put aside their differences to work together  with one heart and mind and purpose as it says in Phil 2:1-10 v2,3 – Complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves…….