During the meeting I felt the realm of revelation open and said so, two people saw visions at that time then at the end of church some of teens asked if they could experience something of the heavenly realms and so I prayed for them and off they went, led by the Holy Spirit into revelatory encounters born of God. 

One young man saw a bright light and went toward it. A hand reached toward him through the light and a voice said “come” and drew him through it. He entered  and felt to prostrate himself before the Lord; then from that position lifted his head, looked up and saw Jesus hands and feet (with nail scars). Then he saw the words written in the atmosphere of that space –”I love you’ and heard a loud voice say – “with an everlasting love”. He also said that Jesus hugged him. 

Another young man saw an angel covered with eyes – a Cherubim. He said it was awesome and scary at the same time. 

Yet another young man saw a huge mountain that had angels descending and ascending on it and asked God what it was and God said “that’s my mountain”. He saw Mt Zion!

One lady had two visionary experiences that evening – in the first (during the meeting) she saw a huge stadium filled with angels all shouting Holy, Holy, Holy then looked down into the centre of the stadium and a group of angels were doing a haka chanting Holy Holy Holy. The cry ‘Holy, holy, holy’ was like a war cry. Explanation – God is releasing a new wave of holiness into the nation at this time – expect to hear it more and more and that cry ‘Holy’ will be like a battle cry that pierces the heart of the enemies ranks causing fear and confusion to come upon them.

Later she asked if she could go to heaven and the Holy Spirit led her straight to the Father where she felt herself climb up and sit in His lap and as she sat there cuddled up close to the Father he stroked her hair and told her how much he loved her.

The Pastor saw the manifest presence of God in a vision as a white intense light so bright he couldn’t look into it. It was a very intense experience for him.

 Another woman had a vision where she entered the heavenly realms and saw an angel who said “we’ve been waiting for you to come”.

God is increasing the opening of the revelatory realms to his bride at this time and while we don’t seek the experience just for the sake of experience we do seek it to reveal Jesus, the Father and Holy Spirit to us and to see what is in the heavenly realms so we know what we can bring into the earthly one. God loves to reveal himself to us and to show us the things that are a part of our inheritance that Jesus bought us the right to experience with His precious blood.