We’ve just arrived home after a great weekend in Avalon Wellington where we did a School of Prophetic Evangelism and two Sunday services for our friends at Avalon Baptist. It was great to see everyone there again and they and we were expectant to see God move in their community. The school was small in numbers but hungry and it wasn’t long before Saturday rolled around and we were ready to go out into the community on outreach. After praying and gathering some clues from God for the treasure hunt part the teams left the church hopeful yet nervous.

People we talked to were encouraged and the teams prophetic words hit the mark many times over. Some people were prayed for and definitely felt a difference in their lives as a result of it. I’d love to say it was all easy and we reaped a great harvest but it wasn’t. Each of us had to push through fears and nervousness and a lot of our clues we didn’t find but we went. We obeyed and there was definite fruit. 

One young lady shared with some non christian friends about the treasure hunt aspect of what she was doing and they got so excited they wanted to join in. Someone had two names on their clue list that they didn’t find out on the streets but another team talked to a young man who ended up coming to church on the Sunday. It turned out his name was on that girls list and the name of the mate he had been with five minutes before the team approached him. He gave his heart back to the Lord as a result of hearing that God thought him a treasure worth finding.

We saw so much happen this weekend. People also got healed, saw visions and had encounters with Jesus in the heavenly realms. God is moving in NZ. I’ll write another entry later with some of those encounters in it.

Yaaay God, the hunt is on for the hidden treasures of darkness so they will be brought into the light for all to see and appreciate their beauty. Be encouraged and GO!