Last weekend we attended a conference on the supernatural aspects of the Kingdom of Heaven led by Ian Clayton with JoAnn McFatter from the USA doing the worship. Pastor Judy Garden from Australia was there too. Right from the beginning of the worship the presence of God came and people started to experience visions and encounters with God. This increased even more as the weekend progressed. The teaching was biblically solid but stretching at the same time. Our faith was being stretched and increased as we listened to Ian and the others teach. 

Many people had radical encounters with God myself included. We stood in awe as we listened to a young child (about 8 yrs old) as she stood in front of us all experiencing heaven and describing what she saw as she saw it. It was amazing to hear as she described the river of life and the trees that grow alongside it using words that were older than her years. She described creatures and her experience of Jesus there and we stood awestruck at the bigness of God as he ministered through her. 

I personally had a life changing experience which to understand fully you would need to understand my background a little. I won’t share all the details of the experience I had as much of it is very personal. For many years I was abused as a child by both my Dad and Granddad. I had worked through this with God and forgiven them and God had healed so much. Both died as far as I knew never having known Christ.

At one point while she was ministering Pastor Judy Garden declared that there were some people in the meeting that had lost loved ones and God wanted to take them to heaven and show them their loved ones were there. Immediately I found myself in the third heaven and saw my Dad there surrounded by angels. Jesus was also there although I didn’t see Him until a little later in the experience. I was flabbergasted; and I then recalled that a relative had told me Dad had called for a priest before he died.

It was something I had never expected to see but that was not all, I turned and saw that my Grandfather also was there. Through things that were told to me and that happened in that experience in heaven I learnt that my granddad had accepted Christ right before he died and that both men knew that not only had Christ forgiven them but that I had too. Both my Dad and my Granddad had died before I ever got to let them know I forgave them so you can understand that I was so happy to find that out. How awesome to see that they are there and wait to be reunited with me forever and that I will one day get to stand with my Dad and Granddad before Jesus and we will worship together with no animosity or unforgiveness, all of us healed and restored. Wow!!!

Many others had heavenly experiences of a similar nature and some even experienced seeing Hell and knowing their loved ones had died without accepting Christ. Their descriptions of what they saw were sobering and reminded us that we needed to share the love of God with those we love while we are able.

So to say it was a great conference is probably understating it somewhat. Our God is a supernatural God and He is revealing himself as that to His Church in this hour. So we should expect that we will have supernatural experiences of Him. Obviously we don’t chase the experiences and manifestations but we must be open to God revealing more of the reality of who He is to us. Remember – The Word of God is full of the testimonies of ordinary people having supernatural experiences of a supernatural God. The things we read there are not concepts or figments of peoples imaginations, they are real experiences with God. So how can we think that we would be expected to live our life without experiencing God like they did. My encouragement to you is – let God be God and ask Him to reveal himself to you. It just might change your life. It has mine; and brought me into a deeper place of love for Him and His Word. 

Bless you…