Hi there, we just finished another Glory School this past weekend and although the numbers of those attending were smaller than usual, the revelations, experiences and meeting places with God were in no way diminished. Right from the first session God started to reveal himself to people and as the weekend progressed even the most inexperienced in receiving revelation were encouraged by the things God was doing in their lives. As the school progressed the activations increased and stretched the students to believe God for more details and increase in revelation; of course, God came through and they had some deep revelatory experiences of God, the Throne Room and the Third Heaven or Heavenly realm.

The worship was profound as always with Rob leading sensitively; prophetic revelation flowed and people were transported into places of revelation as they worshipped. There was even spontaneous deliverance taking place in one worship time as the demonic powers oppressing someone had to leave, they could not stay in the presence of God that was there. Needless to say the person was surprised at what happened and delighted at the same time to be free of things that had held them bound.

There are very few things more satisfying to see than someone who has just had an encounter with Jesus, Father or Holy Spirit. I love doing the Glory Schools and seeing peoples understanding of Scripture expanded and deepened, seeing them fall deeper in love with God and appreciate even more what Jesus did for them.

It is so lovely also to get the chance sometimes to speak to people who did the Glory School months ago and hear them tell you how much more in love they are with God now and how they have more of an appreciation and understanding of the Word.

I believe now more than ever that we need the reality of the Heavenly realms manifested in our lives today – that place of encountering and experiencing God and of seeing the realities of the Kingdom of Heaven. If we do not, then in some sense, we pray without real understanding when we ask “Your Kingdom come, your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” If we don’t see the way God’s will is done in Heaven how can we know what to look for or expect when it is done here on Earth. Jesus teaches us this when he tells us that He only did what He saw the Father do and said what He heard the Father say. If Jesus needed to see what the Father was doing then so do we.

Begin, if you haven’t already to ask God to open the eyes of your heart, that they might be enlightened and that you might see in the Spirit. I’d encourage everyone who can, to attend a Glory School, you won’t ever regret it. If you can’t get to a Glory School then get hold of the CD’s or DVD’s and go through them and ask God to take you into new realms of Glory.

I’m still collating the testimonies from this school so I’ll enter some of them another time. In the meantime be encouraged to believe for greater Glory and revelation to be yours.