The last two Sundays have seen us ministering at a couple of churches pastored by friends, Celebration Centre in Warkworth and Harvest Christian Centre in Swanson. The Pastors of both churches are people we have known for years and are dear friends . It is always good to be at their churches and to be able to continue to build relationships with the congregations as well.

God as always did some wonderful things in peoples lives. Rob spoke at both meetings and brought words that were really timely for both churches. During the ministry times God ministered beautifully to people with people being prayed for, ministered to by His love, set free and prophesied over. Many of the words were very confirming for both the person receiving them and their Pastors. But yet as sometimes happens in some cases as people were ministered to not a lot visibly appeared to be happening.

Ministry is a funny thing sometimes and human nature is always interesting to see. When you are people known for moving in revelatory giftings and for releasing the power of the Holy Ghost into situations it is easy for people (and us) to expect to see spectacular moves of God constantly. It is easy for both us and those we minister to, to get into the mindset that if nothing visibly is happening then it is all a bit of a let down really and that on some level God hasn’t performed. That of course plays into the devil hands as he wants to cause us to focus on the spectacular alone and to expect the miraculous with fireworks; thinking that if that doesn’t happen then God hasn’t done anything. So it is good every now and then to be reminded that some of the most spectacular works of God may be invisible to the human eye.

When God touches the deep and secret things of the human heart and causes changes, eventually that will work it’s way out so that it becomes a visible wonder but in the meantime there are some interesting things that happen to us. So I am sometimes surprised by my humanness, and how shallow my depth of spiritual maturity can be at times. Our humanness exposed by a loving God is a wonderful gift to us really isn’t it.

I have been thinking this past few days on the invisible workings of God and how important they are. Even the current financial situation has I’m sure exposed things in your walk with God that could do with strengthening as it has in mine. God has been exposing attitudes and expectations that are actually not very godly but are very human. For example, I am at the moment mulling over the whole thing of when God doesn’t appear to come through. It has been interesting to see my responses and to check my thoughts and mindsets. Will I stand firm or cave in to unbelief? Will I continue to declare Gods supremacy over every situation in my life or will I take control and try and do things in my own wisdom?

It’s in times like these that what you really believe is exposed not just what you say you believe. Ah sweet process, what wonders you perform deep inside me. I have over the last few weeks not only embraced but become thankful for this time we are in as individuals and as a nation. It is causing my roots to go deeper, my belief systems to be exposed and the crud come to the surface of my life to be skimmed off. An invisible wonder is taking place that is every bit as amazing as rockets going off in the night sky. Do I recognize its wonder and thank God and be in awe of his workings in my life. Do I embrace the process and say “bring it on God, have your way, mould me and make me into the image of your son.”

Ask God to help you see the invisible wonders this season is working in you, embrace and rejoice in the process and know that God is doing good things that will in time become a visible wonder in your life. Lift up your face to Him, gaze in His eyes of love and drink deeply of his grace for you in this time.

Bless you.