We did our first NZ Extreme Prophetic Treasure Hunt yesterday. What fun it was. For those who don’t know, a Treasure Hunt is like the old fashioned version where you follow clues to find the treasure only in this case the treasure is people. Three of us went out after first praying and waiting on God for clues. Some of the clues he gave us were fountain, red, David, brown jacket, oak tree and many other clues as well. We felt to go to Mission Bay where there is a large fountain and started looking for the people that fitted the clues we had.

We saw a lady sitting by herself on the beach dressed in red trousers, a red and white jacket and a red cap. We felt she was what the red clue was about so we approached her and it was a divine appointment. She said she was wanting to experience God and was very touched that He saw her as a treasure. It turned out she was a Christian who had just started on a fast as she really wanted to experience God more. She sat and cried as she realised God was answering that prayer even by sending us and we got to minister to her in prayer and encouragement.

We got to speak to others as well who fitted the clues God had given us. While they didn’t come to the Lord we definitely got to plant seeds of love that will grow over time.

After a while we felt to move on from Mission Bay to Cornwell Park where there are lots of Oak trees. As Denise was praying earlier she had seen a view of an oak tree – looking up through its leaves as one of the clues, so we felt that meant someone sitting under one. So we went looking for the treasure under the oak tree. We approached a group of people (sitting under an Oak tree) which had two people in brown jackets and one of them turned out to be named Dave (three clues in one person). He listened as we told him what we were doing, that God saw him as a treasure and that God loved him and one of the other men said ‘we’ve been telling him that for a long time.’ While we didn’t get to lead him to the Lord we pray that seed will bear fruit in Dave’s life and he will realise that it really is true. He is a treasure and God does love him.

While it was a stretching day it was definitely fun (especially once you broke the ice and got over the nervousness). We are definitely planning on doing more treasure hunts and prophetic evangelism so if you’re interested in coming along contact us. There are also other groups in the city doing treasure Hunts as well and we look forward to being able to join them at times as well as doing our own ones.