At Saturday’s Xtravagant worship night one of the ladies attending received a vision which I have her permission to share with you. I believe it is a word for the Church at this time and has great significance for us in the turbulent times we are in. So, here is the vision and after it I have penned some prophetic insights.

In this vision, I was lifted up into the air and went higher and higher until i was travelling very fast through space and stars were all around me. They were bright stars, shining with God’s glory and each time I went through them I’d be hit with this ‘burst’ of light (God’s glory). It would ‘blast’ off a layer of my clothing. I saw that the clothing was like the skin of a snake and when the layer was ‘blasted’ off it looked like the dead skin that a snake slips out of. I felt God’s glory was causing my ‘Adamic’ nature to fall off in an ‘exfoliation type process. Each successive star  became brighter and brighter and more and more layers were coming off. At the final star it was so intensely bright that I couldn’t look into it anymore. Then Jesus was standing before me and I realized that all the layers had come off and I was standing naked before him. My first thought was how uncomfortable I felt and how much I wanted to cover myself. But Jesus placed a crown on my head and without saying any words to me I knew that he thought I was beautiful.

I feel like the Lord is saying we need to be naked (in heart) in order to be really intimate with Him. And that means Him exposing our hearts (in such a loving way) and helping us shed those things that should be dead to us because we are new creations in Christ. He longs to draw us into more intimacy with Him and if we are willing to allow Him to do this process in us He will draw us closer to Him in intimacy and we will go from ‘glory to glory’. – Mirjam

A couple of symbol explanations regarding the vision –travelling through the stars and being ‘blasted’ by them refers to our being changed from ‘glory to glory’. Clothing looking like snake skin refers to our ‘Adamic’ sin nature. The nakedness in this vision while appearing physical is symbolic of our hearts and lives being laid bare before Him.

Prophetic Insights

This great gift

This time of turmoil that the world is in at the moment has the potential to be a great gift from God to us, the Church, if we will let it. It is a time where the true state of our hearts and of our relationship with Him is being revealed. It is also an invitation to a greater depth of intimacy that we have ever walked in before. The question is will we respond and co-operate with God in what He wants to do in us at this time?

In this season what is coming to the surface in our lives? Is it peace and trust or maybe fear and panic? Is it causing us to push deeper into our relationship with God or draw away? Is it maybe highlighting our lack of belief that He really will provide and will we stand firm in the belief that He is good no matter what gets shaken in our lives?

God is calling His Church into a place where our hearts are revealed before Him and the intents, motives and things that fill our hearts are being laid bare and those things that are not consistent with a genuine Christian life are being stripped from us.

Hard times

We were talking with some Christian friends the other day who are unsure whether they will be able to keep their house as the payments are stretching them beyond their limit at the moment. Two other lots of friends are facing possible bankruptcy. These are things there are no easy answers for, as with many things in life, but in these things God wants to peel away the layers of our words to expose the real beliefs of our heart. And, we will have to make choices as to whether we believe and live out of the facts that life presents to us or the truth of ‘who God is’ and His character and live out of that.

Speaking to our friends was a timely reminder to me to hold lightly the things I steward. It also gave me a chance to ‘future-proof’ my life – to decide beforehand what my responses will be if I come into situations such as they have found themselves. After all, our security is not to be found in what we own, our job or even the fact that we can meet our mortgage and live comfortably. Our security must be found in God alone. Does that mean I don’t believe in prosperity? Not at all, but prosperity is not just measured by what we own and how much we have accumulated.

Deeper purposes

What if God doesn’t come through the way we expect and we do become homeless or bankrupt, does it change the truth of ‘who God is’ or do we ask for His deeper purposes to be revealed. I’m sure Joseph had plenty of chances to think that God had let him down as he wallowed in an Egyptian prison but God was working behind the scenes forging a man of humility and integrity who trusted in Him no matter what life threw at him. Joseph’s end was far different as God lifted him out of prison into a place of prominence and power and this will be our end too if we allow God to do his work in us. While prison may not have been God’s first choice He certainly never wasted one bit and He will not waste the circumstances we find ourselves in during these tumultuous times. Scripture say that the whole time Joseph was in prison and even from the time God’s prophetic purpose for him was revealed that ‘the Word of the Lord tested him’.

Paul likewise knew hard times as well as good – imprisoned and beaten amongst other things he nevertheless determined to run the race set before him. Will we pass the test when life doesn’t go the way we think it should? Will we hold firm to who God is? Will we continue to believe and press through in prayer until we do see breakthroughs start to come? Will we hold firm to the promises He has given us and spoken over our lives?

Is it over yet?

By the way, don’t expect the times we are in to improve much in the near future. God is shaking everything that can be shaken and there’s an awful lot left that can be shaken both in the world and in us. Yet this is a time when we can know peace like we have never known it before. It is a time when we can know the surety of Gods love, faithfulness and goodness being forged into our lives to a new depth. It is a time when the children of God will have to choose to ‘be in the world but not of it’, putting their trust in the One who is, above all others, trustworthy and faithful. It is a time of being changed from one degree of glory to another so that the revealing of the sons of God can take place and the world can see a true representation of Christ in the earth.

Will you embrace this place of shaking and allow God to bring to the surface in your life those things that are not of Him? I hope and pray that you will and that you will emerge out the other side changed from glory to glory.