We had an awesome night on Saturday at our Xtravagant Worship Night. Rob had felt when we were preparing that God wanted to bring people into a fresh place of trust in him. Trust is something God is speaking about  to us and to others in the Body of Christ lately. In these uncertain times trust is a big issue. Who are we going to put our trust in? Are we going to trust in our own efforts, in political systems, our jobs, or are we going to trust in God?

As we worshipped and ministered to people God poured out his peace tangibly. Some felt it come on them like a cloak, some felt it like an impartation filling their body. One lady saw flashes of light speed across the room like lightning and then saw the chariots of God and someone saw angels ministering to individuals. Others also had visions that spoke to them personally or prophetic words for other people there. The peace of God filled the room as people stood and soaked in it. We ended the night two hours later in a celebration of trust in God’s faithfulness.

The muso’s are the most awesome bunch of people who are hungry for God to manifest himself. They ministered in music and song for two hours weaving spontaneous prophetic songs in between known ones to convey the heart of God not only to the group of people there but prophetically to the city and nation. We know that no matter whether the number of people there on the night is large or small what we sow, into the spirit realm, affects and changes the atmosphere over our nation. And apart from giving to God the extravagant worship he deserves that really is why we hold the Xtravagant Worship Nights.