Tauranga is a beautiful city but its deeper beauty lies in the heart of the people there. We have just spent a wonderful weekend with a church full of precious passionate Jesus lovers. We were at New Generation Church in Bethlehem, Tauranga. Yes, Bethlehem, and there is even a neighbouring Judea somewhere around too.

The Pastors Graham and Janet Johansen have the most beautiful passionate love for Christ and his body – to see it come into it’s fullness in that region and in the nation. We had a wonderful time with them feeling like we had known each other for years instead of just meeting recently.

We did two days of meetings – Sat night and two meetings Sunday during which the Holy Spirit turned up at and led us on this amazing adventure. It started Saturday night when during worship Angels of Holiness invaded the meeting and a spirit of holiness and repentance came upon us all. The room became silent as we found ourselves in a time of repentance that was weighty yet full of the wooing of God. Out of that came a time of being commissioned and mantles released over peoples lives.

Over the rest of the weekend there was such a sense that God was doing business with us as we had encounters with Him. Rob spoke a very timely word about re-digging the wells of revival which confirmed to them what God has recently been saying to them about the very same thing.

We released prophetic words over them as God led and had a deep sense that this weekend was a Kairos time for them. People were ministered to in many ways from emotional to physical healings, the breaking of fear and intimidation and the releasing of mantles of authority. There was also the activation of the eyes of their Spirits that they might see into the heavenlies to see what God is doing and do that here on earth as Jesus did. People saw visions, had angelic encounters and were blessed and encouraged to continue to build in that place.

Over all that was the glorious sense of the Fathers love permeating everything. It is something the church there has paid a big price to carry and they do. They carry a release of the Fathers love that only those who have been through the dealings of God can.