We often say of people who talk to themselves “you’re crazy,” yet if we don’t deliberately take the time to talk to ourselves in the end maybe it’s us that’s “crazy”.

In reality we talk to ourselves all the time it’s just that we do it so often without any conscious thought we forget that it’s even happening. We talk to ourselves all day, every day, yet we are aware of so little of what we are saying to ourselves.

We pass by a shop window or a mirror and look in it and say “oh you look terrible today” or we do something and we say “man you’re dumb”. And the words go into the matter of our body and our mind and begin their work. That’s right our words work! They will either work for us or against us. Our words are so powerful they can create; in fact they are at work in us even now creating the reality that we have sent them out to create.

God said of His words “My words which go forth from my mouth will not return to me void but will accomplish what I send them out to do” Is 55:11. We don’t have a problem with God’s words having the power to create reality but we give our words such little thought sometimes; yet we are created in the image of God. Our words will go to work when we speak them. We might not have the power to create galaxies with our words (or maybe we do, only God knows at this moment) but our words certainly work to create the realities of our life.

In fact the Bible says “Life and death are in the power of the tongue” Prov 18:21. Are you speaking life or death over yourself? And, what are you speaking over others? Although to be honest we usually speak far nicer things over others than we do over ourselves.

Our words set the course of our lives in so many ways. Now we know that the words others speak over us have power, like those of our teachers or parents yet I don’t want to concentrate on them here. I want to look at the words we speak over our own lives and the realities they create.

1. First of all we need to listen to ourselves, what are we saying about ourselves, over ourselves.

What do we say without thinking? What decrees are we making over our lives? Are we decreeing clumsiness or stupidity, brokenness or any manner of negative things. Or are we decreeing wholeness, health, sanity and the blessings of God. Maybe take the time to write down, over the course of a few days, the things you catch yourself saying or thinking about yourself. You’ll be surprised at what you speak without thinking about it.

2. Find out what the Word of God says about you.

Do some study, search the Word of God for what He thinks and says about who you are. Form some of these things you find into decrees to speak over your life. The Word works! When we speak it over our lives we decree the plans and purposes of God over ourselves and what we decree begins to go to work.

3. See yourself differently based on that Word.

Change the way you look at yourself. Ask God to help you see yourself as He sees you. A practical exercise to try – look at yourself in a mirror (without pulling a face) and tell yourself you are “wonderfully made” Ps139, you are “bold and courageous” 2Tim 1:7 or something else the Word says about you. Smile at yourself and keep that smile on your face until after you have walked away from the mirror. If you don’t keep the smile on your face until after you’ve walked away, chances are, you’ll pull a face at yourself, mocking what you’ve just said. How do I know that? Yep, done it.

4. Change what you say.

What you say to yourself will create your reality. Make a deliberate choice to change what you say over yourself. Speak positive things over your life. I know some of you are possibly thinking that what I’m saying has “new age” overtones and am talking about the power of “positive thinking and confession” and other stuff like that. But the idea of positive thinking never originated with the new age people, it originated with God. they use the principles that God laid out and of course they get results – the principles when applied, work!

Are we into soul power? No, we’re into Holy Ghost Spirit power; the power of the Spirit of God working in us to create just as He worked in creation to create when God spoke.

Make yourself some word decrees to speak over your life from verses about how God sees you and even take some of the prophetic words he has spoken over your life and decree them daily.

David knew the power of  talking to his soul from his spirit. He said “Why are you cast down oh my soul… hope thou in God” Ps 42:5,11 Ps 43:5 . David spoke to his soul and he spoke hope and faith into his life. He talked to himself about God and reminded himself that God had come through for him before.

God will come through for you too when you align yourself with His Word and begin to decree it over your life. He and you will co-create a new reality for you to live, one based on how He sees you and the plans and purposes He has for your life.

So what are we saying to ourselves? I used to talk to myself and think I was crazy but now I talk to myself and I know I’m not crazy, in fact I’m getting saner and wiser day by day.

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