We have had a lovely week this last week as we ministered in two different places – a cell/prayer group and a church. We spent Wed night with a group of people we have come to love dearly. they are all so hungry for the Lord. There were quite a few new people there this time as well as many we had got to know previously. God is so faithful and moved powerfully on their lives both in the teaching and in the ministry time afterward.

One woman saw a vision of the Lion of Judah at the beginning before the meeting had even started. Many got dusted with gold dust across their faces and chests and hands as they were prayed for and God gave wonderfully accurate prophetic words with details we could not possibly know. I love how he does that- makes everything so personal so you know this is just for you.

One man was woken later that night to the whirlwinds of God blowing in his room and then the fire of God fell on him. Needless to say he didn’t get back to sleep for a while. Another woman as she lay in bed that night listening to a CD heard angels singing and then had a vision of Jesus as the Lion of Judah.  The lion then morphed into Jesus in the vision and then back into the Lion of Judah again. I believe with these two and other sightings this group have had of the Lion of Judah lately that God is releasing to them a new authority and influence in the church/stream they are a part of. God continued to move mightily even over the next couple of days as the host and her daughter saw lightnings flashing across their family room and have found gold flakes and sapphire dust on the couches and floor.

Sunday saw us again with our friends at Pursuit church. These people love prophetic worship and are one of the few churches where there is, every Sunday, the freedom to go wherever God leads. We had a wonderful time in both services as God turned up and ministered to us all powerfully. In the morning there were prophetic words and songs that came regarding the shaking the world and church are in at the moment which was great confirmation to me as unknown to them that was what I was going to speak on that evening. Rob spoke powerfully on the path to fruitfulness and many were prayed for afterward. God ministered to them setting some free and encouraging others onto greater fruitfulness with prophetic words that brought shifts and changes in their lives.

That night during the worship we had the most wonderful visitation of our Abba/Daddy God who came and delightfully played with some of his children and ministered deeply to others. Then Rob and Pastor Ray sang this beautiful crazy prophetic jazz song from the heart of the Father complete with scatting in tongues. It was so cool to hear as they bounced off each others creativity and God flowed through them to minister to us. How wonderful to be able to then share the message I had to give about the times we live in – out of that context – The Father’s love.  I think they are going to put the Daddy jazz song up on their website as a podcast. Check out http://www.secretplaceministries.org later this week.

It was a great day as people were set free from fear and healed in his glory and we all came away with a new appreciation for how deeply we are loved by our Abba/Daddy God.