We have just spent the last week in Florida – home of humidity, NASA, alligators, the cutest squirrels and some of the friendliest people we’ve met. Rob would have loved to go kayaking amongst the alligators but after seeing the protective suit he would have to wear he decided he would rather not. Looking at the photo i can understand – not the best fashion statement in the world is it?

We have spent this week with a wonderful friend (Helen) that we met last year and have continued to correspond with and we had a wonderful week with her. Although we hunted and went quite a few places not once did we see one of the thousands of alligators normally seen in the area of Florida where Helen lives. So we never even got to say “there’s one” let alone cry “watch out”

Our purpose for going over to Florida was to attend the Lakeland outpouring which is still happening but on a much smaller scale. We were prayed for, imparted to, prophesied over and NZ as a nation was interceded for. We felt we had definitely received from God by the time we left there.

We ministered to a wonderful group of women (Helen’s cell group) on the Thurs morn. God turned up and ministered to them beautifully in prophetic words for many of them and many of them seeing visions as they worshiped after being prayed for – that their spirit eyes would be opened and their sight activated. They have asked us to come back and do a Glory School for them next year – the third Glory School we have been invited to do when we return to the USA next year.

We even got to go out to the NASA visitor centre and see all their exhibits and some of the actual space shuttles. Rob got to ride a rocket launch simulation which he says was fun.

We also got to go out to dinner at the world famous Dixie Crossroads Seafood restaurant where they serve up some of the yummiest corn fritters I’ve ever had, wonderful shrimp and different sorts of fish dinners. Rob had shrimp and I opted for a sedate prime rib steak – medium rare of course.

We flew back to Phoenix today through the edge of Hurricane Ike but the turbulence wasn’t as bad as I had expected. Over 2 million people were evacuated from their homes (that’s just under half of NZ’s population) and Ike caused quite a bit of damage but not as much as they had first feared. But even so many hundreds of houses have been destroyed, towns flooded and many people made homeless.

We are in Phoenix for a day or so before we fly home to NZ. I’ll leave you with some of the shots we took on our Florida excursion.

Dixie Crossroads menu

the cutest squirrel

Helen, me and Rob in disguise

Our wonderful friend Helen and one of the birds seen on her back lawn

More Nasa shots