We have just returned from a wonderful weekend with some precious friends (the Bella family) in Ventura California. I am always reminded of this line (used as the title for this entry) from a long forgotten song as we travel up from L.A. to Ventura.

It was a sunny California day as we drove north along the Pacific Coast Highway. The beaches were full of holidaymakers, the lifeguard stations reminiscent of definitely better forgotten TV shows. Over the weekend our friends looked after us as if we were a part of their family and we felt like it.

We did a Sunday evening service for a Pastor friend of theirs (Jim Duran) who quickly became a friend of ours. They are a smallish church with a big impact and are reaching out into their community doing things like ‘Water Drops’ where they hit the streets between 12am-2am giving out free bottles of water, encouraging and praying for people they meet there. They are beginning to see good fruit from it too.

During the Sunday evening service 2 people were saved and at least 3 healed – a man who had a shoulder problem and was in pain was healed. Another man had been suffering severe depression and as he was prayed for it lifted totally and he was filled instead with joy and then laughter. A lady who had a sore neck with very limited movement reported a full range of movement and no pain after being prayed for. The Lord also ministered wonderfully to the Pastor, his wife and the church through a Prophetic word that came during the worship time.

Monday night we had an informal meeting at our friends house for a few hungry people. We shared the testimony of what God has done in our lives over the last couple of years as well as some of the things we have seen and experienced. For some of them it was stretching but for most it sparked hope and hunger in their hearts. We finished the evening off by praying and prophesying over everyone there.

It was a great weekend and I believe that much fruit will come from that time. Some photos from the weekend. Our friend kim and a Costco lunch, random food photos and other photos from a family cafe night at Kim and Rods church