We have just returned from a wonderful weekend in the White Mountains with some very dear friends of ours in Pinetop, Arizona – Pastors Vicki and Randy Strickland at Blueridge Christian Centre. They are a church hungry for the presence of God and God never disappoints hungry people.

The weekend was called ‘Surge’ and God’s presence was very real and accompanied by the release of His power that set people free. Some people got healed, some delivered and some set free emotionally. It was also a weekend of building into the foundations of the church in order for them to go to the next phase of what God has for them.

At one point on the weekend we felt led of God to do a ‘Fathers blessing’ and a ‘rite of passage’ – releasing people into adulthood who had never been recognized as such or been given their fathers blessing and almost all there stepped forward to be prayed over and released into ‘adulthood’ and given the blessing of the Father. It was a powerful time as many were deeply touched and set free to grow up into their destiny. One lady (in her 60’s) came up to me many times over the weekend saying “I feel so free”. It will be interesting to see her again next time we are there and hear what God has done in her life since.

Some testimonies from the weekend –

Angels on assignment – In the prayer meeting at Snowflake on Thurs night I saw, in the spirit, angels waiting to be released into the area led by an angel called ‘Pure’. Pure’s leadership of these angels of business, creativity, revelation and many others, I believe, meant that God is going to release the ‘pure in heart’, those with right heart and motives into increased blessing and creativity on what they do. Pure’s whole purpose there was, and is, to bring purity of heart and motive and how we need that.

In the supermarket – Rob went into a local store while we were there and overheard the checkout guy asking a woman to repeat something because he was deaf in one ear. So when Rob went to the checkout he asked the guy how long he had been deaf in that ear. “Since birth”, the man said, so Rob asked if he could pray for him. God turned up and the man got healed.  Deaf from birth and he got healed on the spot – nothing is hard for God. The man was very surprised at what God had done and was still slightly in shock when Rob left. Unfortunately Rob wasn’t able to share the gospel with him at that time because of the busyness of the shop so we are praying God will send someone who can.

In the meetings – A lady had come especially quite a distance because she needed healing (she had been booked to fly to Florida but cancelled because of the hurricane there) and had heard that Fresh Fire ministries would be at Pinetop.  They were unable to be there but God came. During one meeting her back was completely healed and during the next meeting as I prayed for her she was healed in her knee which had no cartilage and hurt and scraped as she moved. Go God! IT JUST GOES TO SHOW IT’S NOT ABOUT WHO PRAYS BUT THAT SOMEONE DOES. (she was due for surgery)

Another lady’s deaf left ear was opened and hearing restored.

A lady with a dislodged disc in her back who was in bad pain felt it shift and loosen when she was prayed for and by the end of the meeting the pain had gone completely.

Another lady with arthritis in her knee experienced a significant improvement so we are still praying for a complete healing there.

Those are the ones we know of who were healed physically but many others were healed of emotional hurts too. So God is doing what only He can do – setting people free, healing them – physically and emotionally and calling them to step into their destiny in Him – to be world changers – whether in Pinetop or out in the nations of the world, we get to change someone’s world when we step out in obedience to what God is showing us.

I’ll leave you with the statement I made earlier – IT JUST GOES TO SHOW IT’S NOT ABOUT WHO PRAYS BUT THAT SOMEONE DOES. – so go do it; pray for someone and see what God will do through you!

Have a blessed week.