We have just finished 5 intense days of radical abandoned worship, teaching and impartation at the Growing in the Supernatural 4 conference here in Phoenix Arizona.  How you find words to describe the things that happened is sometimes beyond me.

In this years conference I didn’t see much in the way of over the top blow your mind signs and wonders like gemstones. The feel of the conference took on a more somber note as speaker after speaker called for the church to come back into a place of holiness as well as grace. There were definitely over the top blow out sessions as God came, angels manifested in the room and winds blew physically in the ballroom – (no it wasn’t the air conditioners either – I thought at first it was but the winds were too strong for that and were felt all over the room.)

Stacey Campbell called for the church to hear in stereo  – in other words the fullness of Grace can only be realised when the fullness of Holiness is too. Grace and holiness must go hand in hand. She talked about being in one of three groups of people in these days – Critics, Observers or Participants. We will fall into one of these categories, they are the only options available to us.

With the swirls of controversy that have accompanied the recent move of God in Florida  particularly, these three types of people have definitely emerged. It has made me want even more to be a participant in what God is doing in this hour. Do we need discernment – definitely, do we need wisdom, definitely! But too many of us in the church in New Zealand and around the world, have become cynical and judgmental and mistaken that for discernment. Many have adopted a “we’ll wait and see” position and have chosen to try and sit on the fence until we decide which way to jump. Often that decision about which way to jump will be a result of being persuaded either by God that it is of Him or by people and peer pressure. Choose which group you want to be in because you will be in a group whether you consciously make a decision to be or not. And the observer group (when you stay in it) is not neutral either like you would want to hope it is. It then becomes unbelief.

Jason Westerfield was another speaker I highly appreciated. His walk with God is a challenge to me to believe for greater and greater realms of the supernatural to be released on earth. He definitely stretched my faith and I know I now have a bigger capacity to believe God for the supernatural than before.

Joshua Mills was a joy to listen to as His deep love for God and the body shone through and was even manifested supernaturally. Every time he shared  the presence of God manifested upon him in Gold dust that covered him. His son was also covered in it as well as he sat there listening to his Dad preach.

Patricia Kings’s sessions were an inspiration as well as a challenge from start to finish as she decreed prophetically that God would shake everything that could be shaken in our lives that only what was of Him would remain. She said that God is establishing a people that cannot be shaken (because what could be had been removed – Why? So that the glory of God would cover the Earth, we are his glory in the Earth and we need to shine.

There were others who shared too but I missed some sessions with serving so I can’t fill you in on those. David hogan and Robert Stearns and Georgian Banov also spoke.

Get the CD’s to listen to if possible, the messages will challenge, inspire and propel you into greater levels of the supernaural power of God. They will be available at the Extreme Prophetic webite – follow the link  http://www.xpmedia.com

You were created to walk in the supernatural power of God. Don’t let the devil or people convince you to be a critic or an observer. Become a particapant and step into your destiny in God  – to display His glory through your life.