By now no doubt word has travelled around the world regarding Todd Bentley and his recent marriage separation. So does this mean that what happened in Florida wasn’t of God? Does this mean that Todd was operating under a false anointing? The answer to both those questions is no.

We believe, along with many others in leadership, that the Florida outpouring was and is a true move of God.  Todd did and does have an anointing from God to move in healing, miracles, signs and wonders. Does this mean we endorse what he and Shonnah have done in separating. Definitely not. God still hates divorce and does not want his children breaking covenants they have made except in very rare cases.

At a time like this we need to do a couple of things…

1. Close our mouths to stop criticism from spreading through us. Christian criticism and curses are no different from curses by witches – they still come from the pit and are fueled by the demonic.

2. Examine our own hearts – no doubt we will find we are not perfect either.

3. Open our hearts and our mouths in intercession. This is a time to reach out in prayer and surround this family and Fresh Fire ministry with our love. Grace and Holiness must walk hand in hand.

If you want to hear some pertinent and insightful teaching related to this situation then go to the link below where Patricia King addresses this situation with great wisdom and authority. Just copy and paste it in your web browser.