We are now down in Maricopa and staying with our friends Kim and Bart who have kindly opened their home to us to stay with them while we are here. We got to go out with them and another couple for dinner last night to the biggest outdoor camping goods store and restaurant I have ever seen – the Bass Pro shop and apparently this is a small version of this particular store. The restaurant features many interesting dishes and their specialty is fish. It has a very large aquarium in it which features many of the fish that are on their menu. Some are huge though of course the water and glass does magnify them a little, even so there were some big fish in there.

Being the quiet unadventurous people we are we kept to safe food – not really. Rob had cornmeal crumbed Catfish and I had Alligator for dinner. Rob enjoyed his Catfish but when I ate the mouthful he gave me to taste all I could taste was mud. Rob assures me that’s not what it tastes like but for me it did – so I’m glad I ordered the Alligator. Crumbed in cornmeal and deep fried it tasted like a cross between chicken and a mild fish, actually very enjoyable.

Apparently some varieties of Catfish grow longer than a man is tall and that ain’t no tall story either. I’m not sure how big my alligator was before he became dinner but I’m glad I got to meet him cooked instead of alive.

After dinner we headed next door to the store – Huge and full of every sort of hunting, camping, fishing gear you could ask for including boats. The store has many stuffed animals on display from foxes to dear to grizzly bears. They also have an indoor waterfall two stories tall that falls into a huge aquarium and a small indoor stream and fishing pool with mock fisherman of course. I am just sorry I didn’t have our camera with us and unfortunately I still haven’t learnt how to use the one on our phone.

Bye for now. Back with more later in the next couple of days.