We have just finished attending our first conference here in Phoenix “Impartation 2008”. It was run by good friends of ours here in the USA – Nigel and Kathy McNeil and Guthrie and Jennifer Boyd and held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, a sumptuous, luxurious place where people of significant wealth come to stay. The Hotel management provide a place of blessing for these Pastors in many ways and it is wonderful to see Pastors blessed and ministered to with a gift of luxury from their Daddy God through the hotel team there.

It was wonderful to see the presence of God released in that place over the last three days.  Worship filled the atmosphere and the power of God was displayed as Pastors from all over the USA came to spend time in the presence of God and to be ministered to. Pastors and leaders were healed of many different ailments and sicknesses, they were ministered to, refreshed, prophesied over and challenged to take what they received and release it in their congregations. The Florida anointing was also released into their lives and they will go home to their churches and begin to move with new anointing and power.

We have met up with old friends and made new ones, been ministered to and ministered prophetically to others.  God has made some significant connections with some of the Pastors we met and we look forward to seeing what He will do in the days ahead in those relationships.

But above all we have had fun in the presence of our good, loving Daddy God. Magnificent, awesome in power, wonderful in counsel, ancient of days, the alpha and omega, Daddy God.

On Sunday night we got to surprise our Extreme Prophetic family by attending the Xperience night. It was wonderful to see them again and felt very much like we had never even left.

It was also amazing to see the restoration power of God at work. The speaker at this Xperience night was a Pastor who last year was one of Patricia King’s biggest critics. At the last Growing in the Supernatural conference this precious man of God stood before the conference and publicly repented and asked Patricia’s forgiveness for believing lies about her and passing that poison on to others. God has done a wonderful work of restoring and building a strong relationship between His church and Extreme Prophetic to the extent that they now minister together in His power and for His glory.

Have a great week dwelling in intimacy.  Will write again soon.