The interpretation of this vision is written at the end of the vision.

At a recent conference  during  one worship time I became aware I was in the Spirit and I saw myself spinning like an ice skater, like a top, round and round, faster and faster. As I spun a whirlwind began to form out of me, over the region of Auckland. It started out looking like a small tornado and then it grew until it was huge and covering the whole Auckland region. It became violent looking in it’s intensity – a force 5 tornado. It grew and grew until the top of it reached the Third Heaven.

Then the end that touched Earth opened out wide and the top end reached right into the Third Heaven. It became a whirlwind of glory (like a tube) of incredible strength and power and I saw angels start to dive into it. As they reached the earth they were spun out with great force into their assignments.

Then I saw angels in the Third Heaven begin to throw things down into the whirlwind, into the portal. As I looked I saw they were throwing down gifts and body parts into the whirlwind.  (At first I was offended that they would be so callous in their treatment of the body parts) then I heard in the Spirit talking  -“just get them there as quick as you can, the demand is so great”. The gifts and body parts were for those on earth who would stand and minister out of the whirlwind, who would take hold of the kingdom by force – with passion and intent. They could reach into the glory and take the parts and gifts needed for those they ministered to.

I saw that the violence of the wind scared some who were watching and because the whirlwind made a mess many rejected it.

Then I saw angelic horsemen ride out of the whirlwind and begin to ride around it’s perimeter. They rode in protection. They kept back the forces of darkness from bringing destruction to the whirlwind and the children of God who ministered out of it.

Then some of the angelic horsemen reached into the whirlwind and grabbed handfuls of wind and also reached out and picked up people lifting them up behind them onto their horses. Then they rode out away from the portal to other places carrying the wind. At that point I became aware that other whirlwinds had started over other towns or regions around the nation.

Then the whirlwind over the Auckland region imploded, bursting open and a shock-wave went out across the nation (like a nuclear shockwave) and a glory cloud covered the nation like a bubble that extended out into the sea to the territorial limits. I sensed but could not see, boats and planes coming from around the globe and as they hit the territorial limits the glory of God hit them.

(I saw a vision of the territorial limits and the glory of God extending out to them in a vision in December 2007 so this was a confirmation of that earlier vision.)


I believe in this vision I was representative of the ‘Body’ in intercession rather than it being about me personally opening this portal – twirling like a top is I understand, a symbol of intercession/travail  – chalal -2490 from 2342 – to bore, to begin, as if by an opening wedge – often used to describe travailing dance  -Ps 96:9 1 Sam 22:5 Ferrah Fenton translation

Intercession  formed a link of power between earth and heaven. The movement I made grew in effect the nearer it got to Heaven – the tornado became bigger – wider and stronger as it reached toward there. Once the link was established it was able to fan out to cover more ground. First the vertical – winning through in prayer and then the horizontal effect in the earth of that intercession.

The angels that dived in were angels sent on assignment as a result of the prayer for revivial. They were enjoying themselves as they were spun out into their assignments. I felt there was a sigh of “at last” from them – that our prayers gave them extra impetus to their sending.

Angels throwing things down into the whirlwind at first offended me even as I was seeing it then I heard them say “just get them there as quick as you can, the demand is so great”.and I understood. My mind said the angels wouldn’t be so callous but it wasn’t callousness that made them throw them down it was sheer necessity, the demand was so great that they had to get them there the speediest way possible.

I believe God is saying that this time we are in is significant, even critical to what God wants to do and is doing in our nation at this time.

The whirlwind was not a tame wind. It was incredibly violent and  intense. What God wants to release in our nation will offend some people. It will possibly even cause a division in the body between those who will believe and cry out and step into it and those who won’t. Passionate, intentional people will take hold of it and minister out of it. It will spring up in different places through the nation as churches and individuals cry out to God in intercession for the release of His Power and Glory in our nation.

Healing will be a big part of this move of God in our nation along with a restoration of the ‘high praises’ that will bind the enemy in fetters. There will also be a new missions thrust into the nations that comes out of it. God has shown me these things over the last few months as we’ve prayed and journeyed from the top to the bottom of our nation praying and interceding for God to move.

Please feel free to pass this on to others if you have a witness in your spirit from God to do so. We need as many people praying and interceeding for our nation at this time.  It’s tipping point time in our nation. Get passionate and intentional – become one who takes the kingdom with passionate intent and  ministers His power to a needy nation.

Go Church Go!!!!