Hi there

Well just one more sleep and then tomorrow we are off back to the USA for a few weeks.

We are looking forward to seeing our friends there and will in many ways I’m sure feel like we have come home. Although we are definitely Kiwi’s at heart we have a real love for the team in Phoenix.

We will be attending a couple of conferences, doing some ministry, getting out on the streets with the XP team and generally get to take part in what will be I’m sure, many exciting things during that time.

We will still be contactable via email and of course this site. We’ll keep this site updated so you will be able to see what we are up to and read about the wonders God does.

I can’t say i will miss Aucklands weather at all. It has felt to me like we’ve had the greyest wettest winter in a long time.  The storm of last weekend and the flooding throughout the area don’t help. These two photos show some of the wildness of the weather and it’s damage. The surfer in this photo jumped off the end of the pier to ride the waves in. The other photo is flooded farmland.

Of course I could just be feeling that it’s so grey and wet because I missed out on winter altogether last year but I don’t think so. Phoenix’s 40 degrees is looking real nice from here although I’m sure I will soon be saying “man it’s hot here”.

Hey, look after yourselves while we’re away, have lots of glory times, keep going to the Throne Room and third heaven and let God fill you afresh with His Spirit and power.

Remember “You ain’t fill ’til you overflow.”