I have a couple more testimonies from the Glory School attendees. These things have happened since then, as people are believing to encounter God in new ways every day.

One young woman has had several dreams of spiritual significance. In one she ascended to heaven and was taken to a large warehouse structure. In the warehouse she saw hundreds of things whizzing through the air. On asking what they were she was told they were requests and prayers being processed. She saw one go past that had a red seal attached and felt drawn to it so she enquired what it was. She was told it was the provision for a couple she knew, that it had been approved, sealed and was on it’s way. Needless to say when she told the couple it was for, they were very happy to hear that as they had been believing God for a breakthrough in that area. PS. The lady has since reported that the provision arrived a few days later from an unexpected source

( I can hear some of you asking – Is there a request processing warehouse in Heaven? We don’t know, there may be or there may not be. We do know God receives and answers prayer. We do know that He dispatches angels with the answers to our prayers -Daniel is an example of this. But what is happening here is that God is using images to show us a spiritual reality in a way that our human mind can understand and  then hold onto the reality of that thing. The result of that dream was that faith rose up to a new level in the hearts of those people who had been believing for the breakthrough and the girl who had the dream was blessed as well. Sounds like something God would do, to me!)

The lady who had the revelation of heaven waiting  (see last blog entry) leads a cell/prayer group. On the Monday night as they met and prayed together one of the women had her Bible open and noticed what appeared to be a piece of glass on her page. As the cell group watched, it changed shape becoming a faceted diamond like gemstone. The next night that ladies husband also received a gemstone when he was reading his  Bible. It appeared on the page before him.

One man was in church on the Sunday and looked down at one point during the worship and noticed that his shoes had little droplets of oil on them and coming out of that oil were sapphire and emerald dust.

Many of them saw angels over the weekend too that we have been hearing about since then.

I’ll let you know more as we hear more.

Have an awesome God encountering week.