We have just finished teaching a Glory School and God gave some amazing revelations to many of those attending it. Many people had multiple encounters with God over the course of the weekend. One of these encounters became revelation for all of us as the woman shared what she had experienced. I believe it is a revelation that God wants all the Church to know.

She found herself walking into the Throne Room in Heaven. It was vast and packed with angelic beings. As she walked in they all erupted into cheering, shouting “She’s here, she’s finally here!” Then she saw Jesus running toward her in welcome. We were all deeply moved as the revelation of it washed over each one of us – ALL OF HEAVEN HAS WAITED, NOT FOR US TO EXPERIENCE THE THRONE ROOM AND HEAVENLY GLORY WHEN WE ARE DEAD BUT TO EXPERIENCE IT WHILE WE ARE ALIVE!!!!!!

What a revelation. We are ‘in Christ’ and seated with Him in heavenly places, yet so many of us think that this is just concept. Yet all of heaven waits for us to experience the Throne Room and Heavenly glory not when we are dead but now while we are alive. It is a part of the inheritance Christ died to release to us.

Some more testimonies…

One man had an experience with the Father who told him that He was proud of him and why he was. This man shared with tears streaming down his face that he had tried all his life to make his earthly Father proud of him but had never been able to. What healing he received as his Heavenly Father told him that he was proud of him.

A family came to the school – mother, father and daughter. All three of them had significant life changing encounters with God. The daughter had an encounter with an angelic messenger in the form of a giant eagle (representing a prophetic mantle being imparted to her). The eagle came and stood in front of her as she was worshiping and matched his wingtips to her fingertips, turned his head and matched an eye to hers then turned his head again, opened his mouth and breathed on her. She felt something imparted to her. Later as she listened to the teaching she went to brush back her hair and her hand came away covered in oil so she used her other hand and brushed the hair on the other side of her face and it too came away covered in oil. Her mother had an encounter in which she heard the Lion of Judah roar over her life. She was still visibly shaken from it at the end of the evening.

One man felt a crown placed on his head after we shared about God crowning us with glory and honour. He could physically feel the weight of it on his forehead as he lay soaking in God’s presence.

There were many, many more encounters with God had by people over the course of the weekend. Some we have heard and some were too private for people to share with us. Many people felt the weekend was life changing for them and came way from it with a fresh deeper love for God as well as a new appreciation of what Jesus had done for them on the cross.

Lots of people commented that they appreciated how scripturally sound the school was and that they loved the amount of time we spent sharing the scriptural foundation for encounters with God.

We personally came away with a deeper appreciation and love for God as we always do after one of these schools. It is always such a privilege to see what God does in people’s lives and their deepened love for God as a result of what they learn and experience during the school.