I think I’m going to chuck the word Wow! out of my dictionary. I seem to be using it so much lately but really how do you describe the wonders done by God as he totally revolutionizes someones world. What words can even come close to expressing the awe of that moment when you encounter the Living God. This weekend has been one of those encounter weekends for so many of the attendees of our first school of prophetic worship- ‘The Power of His Presence’. It was held at Avalon Baptist Church in Lower Hutt, Wellington. The people there are so hungry for the things of the Holy Spirit and God didn’t dissapoint them.

The lead up to the school and the first half of it was full of contending but oh how sweet the breakthrough was! It was a weekend of revelation and encounters. There were so many of those ohh! moments as revelation flooded in to many lives that you lost count of them. One guy told me that a comment I made on the first night about ‘worship in our nation being more defined by the latest songs than a hunger for the presence of God’ really hit him as he had a real thing about only using the latest songs. By the end of the school he saw worship in a totally different light as revelation after revelation broke into his life over the weekend.

By the Saturday the place was buzzing with revelations that hit home and many encounters with God took place. For many of the people there the stuff we were sharing was revolutionary and was teaching they had never heard before. Rob’s sessions on ‘The Power of Honour’ and ‘Positioning yourself prophetically’ were revelations looking for a life to land on and when they did – they hit home with power. The first two sessions in the school were on the culture clash between the Kingdom of Heaven and our other life cultures and the Power of Honour; the Pastor and church were blown away as He had spent the first part of this year just on those two subjects building them into the culture of the church.

Many people saw visions, had angelic encounters or face to face encounters with Jesus as we worshipped over the weekend. The frequency of revelatory encounters is increasing dramatically in our meetings of late as God invades peoples worlds as they worship.

One of the young girls saw a picture of angels wings and came and asked me what it meant. It was her first vision. I told her to ask God what the angel was and why he was here. She did and God told her it was freedom. So I got her to share it over the microphone and then as I declared that the angels were here they flooded into the room. People saw them, felt them tickle them or brush past them. One mother saw angels standing behind her children.

Another woman had three encounters with Jesus over the weekend where she saw Him and interacted with Him. One of them was extremely precious as Jesus appeared to her and spoke to her. He pulled up his sleeves and showed her the nail scars he had taken for her and then He fed her communion taking it with her. He spoke many personal things to her as well. She said that as she took communion with Jesus she could physically feel the bread and wine in her mouth even though it was not physically there.

The Pastor, Kevin had encounters during the weekend in which he saw the angel of his Church. He also had face to face encounters with Jesus where He was shown many things.

For us, this weekend has been one where a prophetic call has gone out over our nation to come away from ‘preference worship’ and back to ‘presence worship’; worship that is alive with the revelation and power of God. The world must see a church that is alive with the presence and power of God and in our terribly nice P.C churches in this nation so often there is anything but that presence and power to be found. It’s time to wake up New Zealand. Part of your mandate to the nations is that of a nation that releases the sound of breakthrough worship that leads other nations into the sounds of heaven for this season. Let’s step up to the high calling that is ours and fulfill this part of our mandate again.

And have an awful lot of fun doing it!