I love freedom! After all it’s part of what Christ died for – so that we might experience freedom. Galatians 5:1 tells us that.

Never before in NZ have I seen freedom more in evidence than this last week at “The Glory Realm’ conference held here in Auckland. Fusion church (Jack & Gaye Stradwick) hosted the conference and their team did an amazing job. People travelled here from overseas to experience 3 days in the ‘Glory’ with Joshua and Janet Mills, Faye Beyer and Davene Garland. God turned up big time to join in the fun. Yes, God does like having fun, he isn’t serious all the time. I think one of the things he likes best is watching His kids revel in His love and the freedom He bought for them through the work of the cross.

The speakers were fantastic, inspiring and challenging! Their love for and walk with God challenged us all. Faye Beyer’s testimonies of over 40 years walking in ‘signs and wonders’ made you wonder at the grace and faithfulness of God. Joshua’s sweet spirit and obvious love for God just made you want to spend more time in God’s presence than before and without you even realising it caused changes and shiftsaround you and over you. Janet was inspiring. It is so great to see a young woman who knows who she is and who her God is. She was full of authority that shifted things in the spirit realm and I’m sure an inspiration to many young women at the conference. Davene’s ministry in worship took us into whole new realms of Glory. I have to admit I was a bit envious that she had known Ruth Ward-Heflin. Ruth was a pioneer in the “Glory” and it must have been a privilege to work alongside her.

It was great to see Joshua and Janet again and we’ll get to see them soon in Phoenix as well. I was surprised to find them remember us and greet us with big hugs as we had only chatted with them a few times in the States at Patricia’s meetings.

There were a couple of major things that happened at the conference (from my perspective) – one was Jack Stradwick repenting on behalf of the men of the nation and setting women in their rightful (& scriptural) place as equals beside men on the harvest field. The other major thing was the impartation and release of the Florida anointing with noteable healings and miracles happening there at the conference.

I’m sure Jack & Gaye will have those testimonies up on their website as soon as possible -check it out at http://www.nzrevivalnetwork.org .

We came away from the conference inspired, encouraged and challenged to get out there and let God get out there through us.

Thank you Jack & Gaye for your love for and stand to see the “Glory’ released in this nation.