Just a quick entry to let you know that the Florida healing outpouring has come to Timaru. Pastor Paul Bruning of Timaru Celebration Centre recently returned from Florida and has been holding Healing meetings since then. They are seeing some amazing miracles of healing and salvation take place. We were privileged to be with Paul a couple of weeks ago and see and be a part of the birth and baby steps of this new move of God there.

As they enter the doors of the church unsaved people are coming under conviction and shaking as the power of God hits them. People are being saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and prophesying all within a few minutes of being saved. Healings and creative miracles are happening all the time. I’ll try and get testimonies from them and keep you posted.

There are the beginnings of revival sprouting forth in our land. As I said in the last post I definitely felt the seeds of revival being planted as we ministered last week in Warkworth. Make sure you don’t just brush off what God is starting to do in our nation as insignificant. This is a part of what we prophesied at the beginning of the year – redigging the wells of revival in our nation. Bless it, pray for it, sow into it and press in for it yourself. This anointing is transferable. Go get some and take it back to where you are.

Many people will say “Oh you don’t need to travel here or there to get it” but God responds to hunger and faith and those people who are willing to do whatever it takes to go deeper in God are the ones who will be the main carriers of this revival in our land. Why would you want to “wait and see…if this is God”. Faith says “I see a cloud the size of a mans hand and I’m going to start running now because I know the rain of revival will overtake me.” The others – well some will be late adopters – those who like Thomas will believe when they see… but will miss out on some of what God wants to do because of their doubt and then there will be some who will completely miss the move of God because of their cynicism and unbelief. Which will you be?

Start running! The rain of revival is coming and will soon overtake us…….

For more info on whats happening in Timaru see our previous June 18 blog entry