This weekend we were up ministering in our old stompin’ grounds of Warkworth. What a weekend we had! It was a weekend of prophetic significance for the region as God established and up-rooted, built up and tore down. For many of those at the meetings it was a time of personal breakthrough into new realms of revelation and experience of God. The Pastors who attended were also deeply ministered to as God imparted blessing and spoke releasing and revelatory words over their lives.

It was a very full weekend of ministry with Women’s Aglow on the Friday night, a seminar Saturday daytime, Xtravagant Worship night on Sat night and two meetings on Sunday. It was great to have Erin & Andrew minister with us for the weekend and also to have the muso’s who usually work alongside us for the Xtravagant worship nights travel up for the Saturday night. They are an awesome team of not only skilled musicians but are all very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and where he wants to flow. it is such a joy to work with all those guys.

Right from the first meeting at Women’s Aglow God ministered powerfully giving many women visions and revelation from Him. Saturday we ministered on Encountering God in the Marketplace where we shared some of our experiences and played some “God on the Streets” clips and then in the afternoon ministered on Encountering God Personally. Again it was a powerful time of of revelation & encouragement to take the impartation they received out into their everyday lives.

The Xtravagant Worship night on the Saturday was an open heaven prophetic journey of revelation after revelation. One of the visions shared was of Jesus with the crown of thorns on his head. As the blood flowed down it hit his heart and turned into gold that flowed on down over his whole body. When it hit his feet it became rivers of living water. There was a whole lot to unpack from that vision alone. God gave me a prophetic word for the region – Warkworth has been in the past of place where prophets were dishonoured and God said it would become a place where the prophetic was honoured and also gave much other revelation about his plans and purposes for the region. Part of that prophetic word was about a move of God coming again to the High School as well. There were other prophetic words as well. the worship team sung many prophetic revelations as they recieved them too and we had an amazing journey from Jesus walking amongst us with coals of fire to God being the God of breakthrough in that region to Rob getting drunk in the spirit as he played the keyboard and sung about the cleansing fire setting us free to be “loose as a goose”. What an open heaven we ministered under.

One man got healed spontaneously during the night as the power of God plastered him to the floor and when he got up he found that his back injury had been totally healed ( and no one even prayed for it) Yaay God. I love it when he does that.

Sunday saw us do two meetings and again the prophetic revelation flowed in both with many being ministered to and receiving revelation and prophetic words. I can’t even begin to describe really all God did without it taking hundreds upon hundreds of words. So much happened and on such a deep and profound level. I definitely felt that seeds of revival were planted in the spirit in Warkworth this last weekend. It will be great to see them begin to sprout and come to fruition. This weekend was really a whole new level of prophetic flow being released not only over that region but in our lives as well.

Thank you seems such an insignificant word to use for the gratitude we feel for what God did this last weekend. I am still processing much of the prophetic revelation we received and will be for a while I think.

God is on the move in our nation doing mighty things. I can’t wait to see all those streams begin to flow together to make a river of Holy Ghost power and Spirit life that will flow through this nation in revival.