We are in the South Island in a city called Timaru that is situated right on the beach by Caroline Bay. We have come down for a weekends ministry with Timaru Celebration Centre, but thats another post.

Over the last few hours it has begun to snow and the snow is now right down to the shore by the sea. It looks stunning as fresh snow always does. But already even though it is only a couple of inches deep it has begun to have an effect on the community – shops are shutting, tonights meeting at the church has been cancelled and we are all rugged up in thick sweaters and sox.

A couple of years ago they had snow that was so heavy it felled trees and power lines and left people without electricity for over two weeks. But at the moment is just looks pretty as it rests on branches and roadsides.

We braved the elements and went for a drive out into the countryside with the family we are staying with. We got to throw snowballs and take photos. I thought I’d share some of the photos with you so you could enjoy the snow with us.

The trees looked beautiful as they were covered with snow. The farm gate became somehow almost regal as the snow gave it a new beauty

Car headlights took on an otherwordly shape as the snow piled up on the grid.

Flax bushes and the footpath took on new beauty as the snow altered their profile leaving patterns that covered the mundaneness of their ordinary existence.

These kids had great fun building a snowman. They had already built one previously but some bullies had come along and smashed it as they worked on it. So Mum was out doing security guard patrol while the kids had fun.

So there you have it, Winters first snow laden breath has settled on Timaru. Let’s hope it’s beauty is not marred by any adverse effects on peoples lives.