Earlier this year as we did our NZ ministry tour I believe God gave me a word for the Church in NZ that comes from 1Sam 30 where David and his mighty men came back from fighting to find their city Ziklag, sacked and their wives, family and friends captured and taken by their enemies. David comes close to losing everything at this point. His men are so upset they want to kill him. So what does David do – he encourages himself in the Lord and God tells him to pursue, overtake and recover all.

David went into the place of intimacy, the secret place and encouraged himself in the Lord. He praised God. It’s interesting that Ziklag was a part of the inheritance of Judah (Josh 15:1,31). It was a part of the land of praise.

As I waited on God I felt him tell me that the foundation of intimacy and the secret place was vital in this hour and that in NZ we were coming into a new season concerning powerful worship; a new season where the Lord is anointing the high praises and the victory in warfare that’s released in the midst of worship.

Worship is one of God’s weapons of choice!

The enemy stole their wives, their children and ‘all who were in it both great and small’. What does that represent to us today.

The enemy stole their wives – talks to us I believe of intimacy and deep friendship with God and each other. It talks of accountability and teamwork.

The enemy stole their children – talks to us of the heritage for coming generations but also of our inheritance from previous ones.

The enemy stole ‘all who were in it both great and small’ -talks to us of relationships, giftings, financial possibilities.

All gone!

David and his men experienced that. How much of that have we as a church in this nation experienced. How much of our intimacy with God has been stolen, our intimacy in worship, our intimacy with each other. How much and what are we leaving for the next generation; in all areas, in the area of worship? What have we taught them about worship?

I believe that the high praises you release this year will be a decisive determining factor in the victories that you have. Not just a little worship on Sunday or a little praise in your car as you drive from one place to another, I’m talking about becoming a worship warrior. I’m talking about releasing your praise with intent and purpose; recognising that your praise and worship is a weapon. So often we sing praise without intent and purpose, we go through the motions because thats what we do. We sing to show God we love Him which is great but we have forgotten the power of the high praises, we have forgotten the weapon of worship.

There is a tremendous anointing and promise for those who take up the weapon of high praise this year. .. “Let the saints be joyful in glory, let them sing aloud in their beds, let the high praises of God be in their mouth and a two edged sword in their hand.(Ps 149:7-9).

This is a year of the high praises and the sword for New Zealand. this is a year to pursue, overtake and recover all. Why? “To bind their kings with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron. To execute on them the judgement written (Ps149:7-9)

God is going to breath on that praise. In the darkest time you face, the sword of the Lord in your hand will do it’s work by the high praises of God in your mouth.

Pursue, overtake and recover all

Pursue means – to advance, participate, to search for and pursue with hostile intent, to catch or capture something with persistence.

Overtake means – to achieve a level once obtained that you’ve lost and not only catch up but to pass it and take it by surprise. This is the time to catch up, to redeem the time, and to overtake.

Recover all means – to regain, regain as in former condition, to cover anew, and to regather ones position.

God says – take back your inheritance, this is a year of new beginnings, of fresh oil. This is a year to recognise again the place of high praise & warfare and in releasing that to pursue, overtake and recover all – individually and corporately.

This year we are seeing the Church taking back parts of her lost heritage like never before – healing is being taken back, worship is being taken back, evangelism is being taken back. We are seeing the glory being released like never before. The glory is to be found in the place of high praise – release those praises and watch what God will do on your behalf.

Just today I got another email about what God is doing worldwide – it said “a season of restoration is on us” that God was releasing an anointing to recover that which was lost. What have you lost?

Go get it back, it’s yours to take back. Begin to release the high praises of God and decree recovery of that which has been stolen or lost in your life. Hold onto the word of God by faith and watch what He will do.