It has been a great week this week with God doing all sorts of wonderful things. It’s always hard to quantify just what God does in peoples lives as so much of it is internal. Yet we know that each time we gather the presence of God is getting stronger and people are experiencing God in very deep ways that have lasting effects on their lives. I keep singing in my head the lines “let the fire fall, let the wind blow, let the Glory come down.” Let it come God, blow on the fire within each of us.

On Friday night we had our “Xtravagant Worship” night and there were quite a few new people thRob Deb,Jenny & Erin at Xtravagantere. The presence of God was very strong and many people received touches from him. We went on a worship journey as God led us through different atmospheres of worship from strong and vibrant to soft and gentle and then back to wildly celebratory. At the end many people again just sat and bathed in His presence and were refreshed in him.

Saturday saw me (Lyn) attending our first national gathering of the Prophetic Round Table. Rob was unable to attend unfortunately. It was great to meet with other Prophetic ministers (and more will be added to the group) and hear what God is saying to our nation. One of the big things that came out was the need to honour the Pastors & Church Leaders who obeyed the call of God and gave themselves for our nation (present & past). We felt definitely we were even to honour those who had fallen during their service. While not condoning what they had done we could honour the service and obedience they had given to the Lord and to the nation. There was a repenting of the judgmental nature that we as Christians often have towards the fallen as well. We had a very powerful time of intercession and righting of wrongs in the Spirit. We will let you know more about the PRT as things happen (they will eventually have a website that will post Prophetic words for the nation)

Sunday saw us ministering at “Pursuit” in Mt Albert (they meet in the Fickling Centre) – a small church with a big love for the presence of God. In the morning God came in a powerful time of impartation and prophetic words over the Youth in the church. The worship time was just yummy. A deep and real sense of God came and filled the room as we worshipped. This is a church that loves worship and will often sing in the spirit for up to 1/2 hr at a time as they sing and declare mysteries which will often then be interpreted into our understanding. They go places very few churches have the courage to go in their worship.

Rob shared some exciting discoveries from Jeremiah 33 that morning which we will stick in another blog as a separate article. In the evening God took many of the church into visions and encounters with Him as I shared about “Positional and experiential intimacy”. It was a time that we believe had a catalytic effect that will propel this church even deeper into the wonders and mysteries of God.

God is so faithful and has again knit our hearts with more people like ourselves -radical, hungry God-chasers.