We have just had an amazing weekend here at Berowra, Sydney ( Australia) doing a Glory School. Right from the start the people were hungry to get into the presence of God. On the first night (Thurs) one man got healed in the worship (without anyone praying for him) of severe shoulder pain.

Friday night at least seven people were healed during the worship time (they were prayed for) – 2 or 3 from shoulder injuries, a broken leg where the lady could not walk without the aid of a walking frame and constant pain and had to come up to the auditorium in the lift – she was soon walking up and down the stairs to the auditorium multiple times to test her healing – unaided and without pain. One case of carpal tunnel completely healed, back pain and neck pain gone in Jesus name and cartilage replaced in a knee. Wow God is awesomely amazing and even those words aren’t enought to describe Him.

On the Saturday night people shared some wonderful testimonies of heavenly experiences. Then as we went back into worship after the testimonies the Glory fell. Chairs were pushed back and men began to dance. Now you have to understand the Aussie and Kiwi cultures here – men just don’t dance in church, maybe a sway from side to side but never abandoned worship dance. Yet there they were, most of the men in the service dancing with abandonement before God.

Ladies also danced and couples waltzed in the Glory as well.

It was the most abandoned scene of worship I have ever been in and I’ve been in a few over the years. Heaven came to Earth and us and the angels partied. We finally finished around 10.30 or after but even then no one wanted to go home.

Glory definitely busted out here at Berowra this weekend and there was a very real sense that the freedom of Heaven really did come to Earth on Saturday night. I can’t wait to see what else God does in this little Baptist church with a big hunger for God.