5th May

In the last month or so we have found that God definitely is no respecter of denominational lines and will go wherever people are hungry. A little while ago we ministered to a small Catholic cell group who are hungry for God. It was the second time we’ve been there and again God did amazing things. The leader of the group had never had a vision and that night God took her in a vision back to Jesus time and she watched Him heal the man with the withered hand and others as well. She was literally inside the vision being able to feel & smell the atmosphere there. She was understandably shaken when it finished. Since then she has also had a visible cloud come and surround her when she sits down to read her Bible. Woah, God is radical.

This past weekend (Sat & Sun) we have been ministering to an Anglican group called New Wine. What wonderfully hungry people. God did some great things including healing a lady as we worshipped (no one touched her or prayed for her) she had damaged her knee badly a couple of years ago and could not bend it without severe pain. She felt God nudge her to kneel during the worship and as she did the knee was totally healed. More Lord!. Some saw visions and many people were deeply impacted by our teaching and the worship times with quite a few of them saying God had done some deep work in their lives that day.

On Friday night 2nd May we had our second Xtravagant worship night with people from quite a few different churches attending. Again the presence of God was tangible with many people on their faces before Him on the altar area. The prophetic flow was great with both muso’s and singers pushing their personal boundaries further than ever before. Again God brought prophetic words as well about a deluge of rain that would flood the thirsty and about Jesus walking on the water and our being able to transcend natural laws when we bring ourselves into agreement with who He is and He calls us to step out in faith. We are going to have to record the nights on CD as by the end of the night so much had happened I couldn’t remember all of it to write it down.

We are so enjoying doing what we are doing and feel very privileged to be there when God does such awesome stuff. More Lord is all I can say really; more, we want more!