It’s ANZAC day here in NZ -25th April. It’s the day when we remember all those who have laid down their lives for us in war. Let me tell you a little about ANZAC day here before I go on to what God has shown me.

ANZAC stands for the ‘Australian and New Zealand Army Corps’. In World War 1 thousands of brave New Zealand and Australian men were shipped off to war and landed at Gallipoli in Turkey. They were to push inland and take Istanbul and open up the way for the Allied forces. They met huge resistance and in a battle that lasted 8 months over 8000 Australians and 2700 NZer’s died. In those 8 months they never got much further inland than where they started. Eventually they pulled the forces out because the casualties were just too many on both sides and also of course because they weren’t getting anywhere.

Today the the battle of Gallipoli still rings in our nations as a time of particular bravery. Was it wrong to retreat? No! When there is no way forward sometimes retreat is the wisest option. It is only ever wrong to retreat when there is a way forward. Today at Gallipoli thousands of descendants of these brave soldiers gather there to honour them. Even the Turkish people there who they fought against honour the bravery of these soldiers.

So what has that got to do with us today? Silly question really isn’t it when we can see the message screaming out at us through the laying down of their lives.

Yesterday as I waited on God I felt God give me a prophetic word for the intercessors  in our nation (and all Christians really) which is…

God is calling for a new generation of those who will lay down their lives for our nation, only this time it will be an army of believers who wage war in the spirit realm. This ANZAC day a call issues forth from the mouth of God to those who would hear and once again lay down their lives. It will be an army of intercessors who will wage war in the spirit realm in prayer and worship, using the weapons of praise, worship and prophetic decree as they get strategy from the Lord.

Intercessors and warriors of our nation – arise! Come out of the caves you have hidden in and see that you do not stand alone as you have feared. There are many others throughout the nation, you do not stand alone. God is calling you to rise up and intercede again for the nation. This ANZAC day a call goes out in the spirit realm. I see young, I see old. I see Pakeha, I see Maori. I see Korean and Chinese and Dutch; many cultures embracing and releasing the dominant culture of all Christians – the culture of the kingdom of Heaven. I see a laying down of personal preferences, I see a dying to self and I see a rising in ressurection power and a release into the nation and the nations.

This battle, while completely different from Gallipoli, will have an effect on the future of our nation and what our nation sees and remembers in the years to come. Will our nation see and remember a church who laid down their lives for the people of this nation or will it see and remember a church who stood by and watched as invading forces landed and overtook our nation. In the past have we retreated when there was a way forward? It is not too late – hear the call that goes out today and say -I will answer and lay down my life for this nation. I will pray like I never have before, I will love and I will reach out and see the lives of many rescued from the invading forces, from the enemy.

So, the call has been issued, even now in my spirit I hear it reverberate, going forth and striking the hearts of those who have ears to hear. I’m putting my hand up and saying I hear and I will be a part of the answer, will you join me today?