We have just finished teaching Auckland’s first XP Glory School and we have had a blast. It was a time of precious interaction with God for everyone there. Some of you are probably saying “What is a Glory School?” The Glory School is a 2&1/2 day school where we teach the scriptural basis for encounters with God, third heaven experiences, angelic visitations and heavens realities. We also do activation times where the attendees experience many of these things. It is life changing and totally brings you to a new place of freedom in your relationship with God. It also brings a hugely deeper love and respect for who He is and for His Word.

So back to this weekends school…

The attendees really appreciated the solid biblical teaching and many of them have said “Why haven’t we been taught this in our churches?” and “Why didn’t I know this years ago?” or questions like those. They are good questions and similar to what we asked when we first heard the teaching. I think part of the answer to that is that as Pastors we teach from the revelation we have. If we don’t have revelation we can’t teach it. Also I think this is an era in the life of the church where God is revealing his mysteries to those who have paid the price to search them out.

So what happened for people at the Glory School? For so many it was a time of incredible revelation with many of them seeing visions right from the first worship time on the Thurs night. Here are some of the testimonies of peoples experiences with God during the school.

A Pastor who attended said when the activation time started He went straight to the Throne Room and there God answered questions he had wanted answers to for years. He was visibly shaken by the enormity of what had happened to him. We had a few Pastors who attended the school and all were touched deeply.

One lady Pastor had earlier shared with me that she had never yet had an experience like we were sharing about, and in the activations she saw her angel and danced with him and then Jesus cut in and she spent the rest of the time dancing in the arms of Jesus. She was radiant as she shared it with me.

A young man saw a vision of two mountains, one old and one new. The new one pushed up through the ground until it was tall and strong and the old one crumbled away. He felt God was saying the old one represented his old life and the new mountain represented his life in God. Does that remind you of a verse like it does me? …say to this mountain be thou removed…

There were many other visions and encounters with Jesus and the Father. On the first night I saw a vision of Jesus, seated at the right hand of the Father and he was burning with fire from top to feet – I asked God what it represented and felt it represented the burning passion Jesus had for his church, his bride and for humanity… passion for those he loved and had given his life for.

Some other comments from students..

…I came to a new understanding that I have access to ALL that God has – a new appreciation of my legal position.

…To understand afresh that the spirit realm is available to all of us, we can all step into the supernatural – validated solidly by scripture. Have to rethink some of my previous understanding now.

…Loved the teaching, especially the Third heaven worship…

Our next Glory School here in Auckland is set for the 17-19 July. Grab some friends and register for a couple of days that will change your life like they have mine.