I heard a wonderful testimony of provision this morning which set me thinking …A friend of ours in Arizona is going to be shifting to Redding to go to Bill Johnson’s school. Here is her testimony…

“I’ve been praying and honestly, worried about finding a place to live that I can afford and a job for when I move to Redding, and so last night my parents were going to a Patricia King service, and as they’re going out the door, I felt like I needed to go with them, so I went. Before the service started, we ran into an old co-worker of my father’s. Well turns out, she’s been to the school in Redding, has bought a house there, and wants to rent it out to students, so she asked me to live there, for out of this world cheap price!!!! I couldn’t believe it! What takes us months to figure out, God does in a moment!! I have just been elated and in tears about His goodness!”

A wonderful testimony but what got me thinking was the prompting she felt and acted on – to go with her parents to a meeting where God had lined up a divine meeting for her.

How often do we miss the circumstances and divine appointments God has arranged for us because we either don’t hear the promptings clearly or hear but don’t act. I suspect it happens a lot more than any of us would like to admit. So why don’t we hear?

The still small voice, that invitation to lean in closer to God is often drowned out by the busyness of everyday life or by the constant noise we fill our lives with. Very often we in our modern world are uncomfortable with silence so we fill it with music, TV and other things. There is a person I visit often who has their TV on from first thing in the morning until they go to bed. It is just there as noise, as company, but because the truth that arises in the silent places is sometimes painful to look at we fill our lives with noise so we don’t hear the whisper of God.

There is something to be said for Brother Lawrence’s “Practicing the presence of God” in our everyday lives, for taking time aside for contemplation, listening and prayer; for the times of silence where the still small whisper invites us to lean closer and hear the thoughts and heartbeat of God. 1Kings 19:12 tells us about Elijahs meeting place with God – God wasn’t in the wind, in the earthquake or the fire but after the tumult of those things came a still small voice and that’s where Elijah heard God, in the place of stillness and silence. Psalm 46:10 invites us to “be still and know that I am God”. It’s the being still thats the hardest part I find. So often it seems to our natural mind to be a waste of time to just sit in stillness. But therein lies the clue – is our natural mind ruled by our spirit or our soul? Selah.

I’m sure we would all live more of a life filled with divine connections and appointments if we would train ourselves, discipline ourselves to keep always within us a place that is in constant awareness, a place of listening for that still small voice that invites us into intimacy. There is a quote which speaks very powerfully into this – “Fear of intimacy creates a habit of avoidance”. How much have the hurts of our earthly relationships also led us to fill our lives with noise in order to create avoidance? Hmm, more to ponder for both me and you I suspect; but will we take the time to ponder or get up from reading this and go turn the music up.