“Xtravagant Worship” night – 4/4/2008

We have just held our first “Xtravagant Worship” night. The evening started with about 50 people but the numbers grew steadily over the evening until there were around 80 people there (conservative estimate). Wow! Did God turn up! Rob pulled together a team of musos and singers from varying churches who gelled like they had played together for years. Each one of them is not only an accomplished player but was very sensitive to where the Holy Spirit wanted to go releasing prophetic songs and the heart of God as they led us in worship.

We went on quite a journey, with God manifesting his presence very strongly in our midst. Over the course of the evening people felt the power of the Holy Spirit manifest in varying ways, as fire on their bodies, wind blowing around them, heat in their hands and incredible peace settling on them like a blanket.

God brought out a prophetic word that as the Lion of the tribe of Judah He is not a tame God and we were not to see Him as a tame God but one whose eyes flashed with fire and who would at times be what we would consider unruly.

At the end of the evening we closed the meeting and no one moved. A holy silence had descended and everyone just sat there in silence as the presence of God just swirled around us. We stayed like that for about quarter of an hour and then the muso’s started to play and worship again, then stopped and again no one wanted to leave so they just continued to play and worship for about another quarter hour. By the time we finally finished we had worshipped for almost three hours and that time had just disappeared in God’s presence. Eventually people started to come out of the place of His presence and went home but with an obvious reluctance.

Even as we were shutting the building one young man was walking out holding his arms bent out in front of him; he had a few minutes before said to me that he couldn’t move his arms and that his hands were on fire and a wind was blowing up and down his arms. As he left the building he was still unable to move his arms and was still feeling the wind and the fire. I said to him that he should go pray for some sick people and he replied that during the week two people he had prayed for had been healed. Way to go God and good on the young man for his obedience to God’s promptings. God was obviously confirming and amping up the power level in his life during the evening. Wow! Don’t you love what God’s doing in our nation!

We are believing to release an apostolic model of prophetic worship into our nation. Not that we are the only ones modeling prophetic worship but we know we are building something into the spirit realm over our city/nation and it’s churches and that what we do is calling the churches back to a freedom in worship that many haven’t had for years.

And to think this was just the first meeting, the first “Xtravagant Worship” night. What will God do in the months to come as we worship Him in a way that allows God to be God? We can hardly wait to find out.

The next Xtravagant Worship Night is on the 4th May at the same venue – Liberty Christian Church, Lansford Cres, Avondale, Auckland.