A young man from the USA that we had the privilege of getting to know a little as he attended Extreme Prophetic’s Summer internship last year recently emailed us after reading our blog entry on the Power of Honour. God really used that message when Rob shared it during that internship among other things to hugely impact his life. God has recently been speaking to him again about the whole area of Honour and he shared some of what God had shown him. We really felt you would all get something special from what God shared with him. Here is some of what he sent us.

Restoring the Power of Honor

Daniel Rogers – March 23, 2008

I have been hearing the Spirit of God saying over and over, “I am bringing about a restoration of honor to my Church.”

In a vision, I saw an angel coming down from the throne room of heaven carrying a scroll with the word “Honor” written on it. I saw this angel delivering this scroll to the Church. I saw many of God’s prophetic voices eating this scroll, and then declaring the restoration of honor to the Church. Symbolically, the eating of the scroll means God’s people have accepted what God is saying, and apply His words to their own lives, and they prophesy the Word of God to the Church.

On February 16th at 6:30pm I was on the way to church when I heard God say, “There is a move and force of the Spirit coming, that will be like a whirlwind; like a windstorm; like a perfect storm. A series of strategic events and people will come together to form a perfect storm in the Spirit.”

God is bringing together divine appointments and strategic events for moments that will be like a perfect storm… that is, a storm and move of God’s Spirit that will have maximum impact on the world through salvation, discipleship, and the demonstration of God’s Spirit.

God has shown me that the Church’s ability to walk in respect and honor will affect the move of the Spirit and the harvest in the hour to come. To honor someone, means that we treat them with value and respect. It means we treat them with worth and significance. It means we value who they are in God and what they have to offer. Jesus was hindered from releasing all the healings and miracles that he had for the people in Mark 6 because of the dishonor of the people.

There is an urgent need for God to heal the Church of all dishonor. God is drawing the Church back to a place of valuing and honoring the fathers, and for the fathers to value and honor the sons… and for families to value and honor each other. Rightly valuing and respecting each other in the Body of Christ is a necessity in order to stay under God’s blessing and for the Spirit of God to move unhindered… and for the Church to stay on the timetable that God has for us.

Many of God’s prophets are hearing the same Word for this hour and sounding a clear and distinct trumpet regarding the restoration of honor and its importance to the move of God’s Spirit.

In confirmation of this restoration of honor, Rick Joyner heard God speak to him about honoring the spiritual fathers of America in a conference called, Honoring the Fathers Conference. On his website Rick Joyner says, “I was shown in a dream that if we would do this then the Lord would release a revival in America. Let’s pray that the spirit of honor is released in the Body of Christ for all God’s leaders, so that we can receive the generational blessing and inheritance that God has for our life.”

When we honor our spiritual fathers and mothers, we align ourselves to receiving an inheritance and the impartation of the mantle of God that is on their lives. The greatest way to honor the generals, fathers, and revivalists of the past is to walk in the demonstration of the Spirit that they walked in…. and carry it even further.

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