SOXP – Jesus First Church 27-29 Mar

We have just finished doing a School of Extreme Prophetic (SOXP) for the school of supernatural ministry that Jesus First Church has been running. It was good to catch up with the leaders of the church there again and hear what God had been doing since we last saw them. I love how God is building precious relationships with people of like heart and mind and purpose.

We had over 90 very enthusiastic hungry people who were just busting to be a vessel for God to flow through. They all jumped into the activations and for some of them it was the first time they had ever prophesied. One lady ended up with me (Lyn) as her partner for one of the activations – the ‘single word’ blessing. It was her second ever prophecy for someone, the first having been the previous activation about ten minutes before. As she released that word of blessing the power of the Lord physically rocked me every time she said the word. She was surprised and excited to see the power of God flow through her life so visibly. God rocks doesn’t He! (He he, forgive the pun there)

In one of the worship times I was aware of a very large angel standing to one side of the stage area. He held in his hand a scythe. God gave me a prophetic word for the nation at that point of which the kernel was -that God was releasing reaping angels into the harvest here in NZ to work with those who would go out into the harvest and that He was accelerating that harvest;. Also that he was thrusting out labourers into that harvest and that we should expect to see that acceleration as we cooperate with him.

We had some amazing testimonies of God’s goodness during the outreach phase on Sat afternoon. Here are some of them…

One lady met a young man who was Arabic. She had lived in Saudi for a while so she spoke to him in Arabic which blew him away. He said he didn’t believe in God and God would have to prove he was real. He was studying Mathematics and some other subject like that. A little later the lady was in a shop and spied a gift with a starfish on it. God prompted her to buy it as the starfish is mathematically perfect. So she bought it and went back and gave it to the young man. He now wants to come to church to meet other people like her.

A young woman felt to write Jesus loves you all over her paper drink cup and leave it on the table as they got up to leave the food hall where they were having lunch. A young boy working there came chasing after her because he saw the writing on the cup and opened up and shared his heart and hurts. He too said he wanted to come to their church.

A young man had a word for a young lady who was standing with a friend. He went up and shared it and both girls mocked, then he turned to the other girl and gave her a word too. They both went real quiet and a friend of theirs came over and said, can you do that for me too. In his heart the young man said “no” but his voice said “yes” and God gave him a word for that young man, then another friend came and asked for a word too. Again he felt scared but he said yes and gave that person a word. He ended up prophesying over 10 young people who were blown away by the words they were given. He too was blown away by how God spoke to them through him.

One man who had never shared with people before even though God had prompted him to over the years broke through his fear barrier and deliberately stepped out of his “shyness” zone.

One lady felt drawn to a young woman who looked tired. They talked and the young woman shared her circumstances and said she was so tired, but by the time they finished talking her tiredness had lifted and she felt so encouraged.

One pair saw some little Golden Books on sale and felt to buy 6 of them and to write in the “This book belongs to” section. So it read This book belongs to “You, with love from God” Then they asked God to show them who to give the books too and God highlighted different people to give the six books to.

God is sending out labourers into the harvest in our nation and as they go they are seeing the love and power of God flow through them to touch a world with a huge love deficit. I love how God is so creative and knows what will touch people’s hearts and as we listen to Him and simply obey lives are touched and changed by the love of God.