Last night (26th Mar) we ministered at a Korean church here in Auckland. This church is hungry for God to move in power here in our nation. Last year they felt led of God to hold meetings for 700 nights in a row, yep, 700. They are up to night 150 or so. Night after night they gather to worship, pray and hear from God, and boy does God turn up in their midst.

A few weeks ago in one of the meetings about 30 or so young people saw visions of Heaven and Hell and as they described what they saw, the smell of smoke was physically smelt by many in the room. These young people are now burning with love for God and the zeal of God.

There are many other testimonies of God doing wonderful things there from gold dust to feathers to supernatural weight loss (30 kilos in one instance). Wow. Bring it on God. But way above the manifestations of the glory which are wonderful are the stories of transformed lives brought about by the revelations God has shown them about who He is and who He wants to be in their midst.

Rob ministered a word on two of the aspects of covenant, being blessed to be a blessing. At the end he led an altar call for those who the enemy is contending with over staying in agreement with God regarding “who He says they are”. Just about the whole church was on the altar call. We felt led by God to pray for them each setting them apart in covenant as a child of God – like a consecration prayer really. Well God turned up and people hit the ground almost as soon as you put your hand near them. There was such a presence of God there as people were consecrated, deliverances happened, people saw visions and prophetic words flowed. We ended up ministering until after 11pm and even then people didn’t want to go home.

We have been invited to minister there again and are looking forward to hearing the wondrous things God will have done amongst them between now and then. It will be great to hear even more testimonies of God being God in their midst and in their community.