I mentioned in my last entry that the battle had increased. Yep, it definitely has! It is of course to be expected that Satan will not like the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the earth. But that which the earth has been groaning for – the revealing of the sons of God – is happening and they are waking up and taking their place in the end time harvests.

I was writing to a friend earlier today and it got me thinking about things – I wrote the following little bit which has now prompted this entry –

“It’s a bit like a challenge really – You pick on me and you see what happens – I refuse to let any size demon win – they are only there for my boxing (authority) practice – to make me a stronger opponent and ultimate victor.”

Fighting talk that is – and I guess in some ways it’s a bit like the boxer who stands there and says I’m the best. His belief about the abilities he has (because of the preparation he has done) and his self talk are almost as important as the actual fight if not more so at times. He must believe that he is the best; that he has what it takes to win the fight or else he will probably not win it. Obviously his training and preparation must be up to scratch too. He must have listened to his trainer as they prepared – physically, emotionally and strategy wise.

I got to thinking that it was God’s goodness that left Satan on the earth really. God’s goodness has provided us with an opponent to train with and in the end if we obey our trainer we will be the stronger opponent and ultimate victor. Not as a natural fighter in our own strength but as a son or daughter who is backed by all the resources of the Kingdom of Heaven; one who has the power of the Godhead working in and through them; angels warring also on their behalf and all of heaven and the earth cheering us on and watching to see our victory.

“No plan ‘B’ – only ultimate victory for me”. That can be the only thing I can allow for –victory – or else I will get taken out by the enemy. Yes he will undoubtedly score some points and I’ll lose some but in the end of this fight I will win, there is no other option for me. And I am assured of it if I follow my trainer and stick to the training regime knowing that he knows all my opponents strategies and tricks and will let me know what is needed to combat them.

Attitude is so very important in everything isn’t it? Yet so often we have had the fighting spirit squashed in our lives by life and what we’ve believed about ourselves. We are told as kids that we have “attitude” as if it is some dirty word or less than agreeable personality trait. So “attitude” becomes squashed and as a result anger and hardness replace it and we begin to live out of that. When that happens our fighting spirit becomes transformed into rebellion (and there is another whole lesson in there). Or we can take on a spirit of passivity that permeates our Christian life as well as our natural one until we can’t fight.

In some cases our attitude may need to be adjusted but never squashed; because it is “attitude” that enables us to take the fighters posture in our lives. Those lies we have learned to live with and live out of are what rob us of our ability to see victory (in whatever area) in our lives. Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to redefine and redeposit ‘attitude’ into our lives and let’s deliberately push aside passivity and embrace the fight – run toward it as David did when he went to meet Goliath – he was filled with “attitude” – the attitude that God was with him and he would be the victor before the day was out. So he ran with confidence toward the battle having been trained in the secret place with God. Let’s get into the secret place, get trained and get out onto the battlefield. There is a place only you can fill in the army and we all feel it when others are not in position and ready to fight with us.