Wellington School of Extreme Prophetic -SOXP

Rob and I have just returned from Wellington where we did our first School of Extreme Prophetic on our own without Rob H. It was hosted by two churches that joined together for the weekend – Upper Hutt Christian Fellowship and Stokes Valley Christian Life Centre. We stayed with a wonderful couple Barry and Caroline and loved getting to know them and the other leaders of the two churches.

Rob and I shared the teaching load and Rob led the worship (of course – cause I can neither play nor sing). As the school progressed people got more and more excited as they heard from God and gave prophetic words (many for the first time ever). At the same time some got more nervous as they contemplated the coming outreach. But God is good and people came back from outreach with great testimonies of God using them to encourage, pray for and share the love of God with others. There were no on the spot salvations but plenty of people asked them to come and visit them so they could find out more. Lots of the teams received prophetic words for people and words of encouragement too.

The evening worship on the Saturday night was a Holy time where the Spirit of God called us to consecrate ourselves afresh to God and almost the whole school came forward to bow or prostrate themselves before God, many weeping as they did so. It was a holy moment with the presence of God being very real. Then like in Timaru the joy of the Lord started to erupt in some, so we had people laughing and crying all at the same time. We finished the evening with a fire tunnel with people being plastered by God. (I think this was the first fire tunnel for either church)

The testimonies were very encouraging – even when people said it was scary doing the outreach or they found it hard – they are determined to keep going out and we believe God will do some great stuff on an ongoing basis.

One young lady registered for the school without somehow realizing what it was all about and when she got there and found out she panicked and wanted to leave but she didn’t. Her testimony of it was quite funny as she relayed how if she had realized what it was really about she wouldn’t have come. God had other plans for her though. By the end of the weekend she was flowing beautifully in the prophetic and thoroughly enjoying herself on outreach. God is so good.

Another lady (as their team was praying before leaving the church for the outreach) was shown a vision of an older woman sitting on a bench in the local mall with a cane resting in a certain way on her leg and when they got to where their team was going on outreach the older woman was found sitting exactly as the lady had seen her in the vision even with her cane in the same position. Needless to say she was excited to see what God had showed her come to pass and got to share with the woman the love of God.

One woman was a bit despondent because she didn’t get any prophetic words while out on outreach. But on the Sunday morning in church she noticed a lady she had never seen before and God gave her a prophetic word for her. She gave it and the lady responded with something like ‘that is so right’. God is so good isn’t He!

Another couple went out on Sunday afternoon to look at a house they were thinking of buying and the owner was there. They got chatting to her and eventually led her to the Lord and she was delivered of some stuff as well (and got filled with the Holy Spirit – if I remember right). She came to church with them that evening, nervous but also happy.

Sunday morning Rob shared his message on Honour which deeply touched many of those listening. On Sunday night Rob again led worship and we had a time for healing with words of knowledge. Of those prayed for at least 50% felt an 80% or more improvement after they were prayed for. During worship one of the singers sang out prophetically (her first time ever), she sang beautifully and very sensitively.

I felt led by God to share the message “Who moved the stones” and felt I was really hitting against something in the spirit realm over our nation especially as we were in the Capital City of our nation. I gave a call at the end for those who would push back the boundary stones and be a part of God’s end time harvesting in our nation and just about every person in the room responded in that solemn moment.

I must have been hitting against something because twice during the night I woke to attacks of fear and had to take authority over those spirits. Since then I have felt an increased warfare and know we are having an effect in the spirit realm as we push back powers of darkness and declare the Holy Spirit is the ruling spirit in our nation and the Kingdom of Heaven will prevail in our land!