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Last weekend we were at Liberty in Avondale. Trent had asked Rob to come and share the message “The Power of Honour”. This is a key message for this time in our nation.

It was a great time with many people being ministered to deeply for wounds relating to not being honoured but it was also a time where God challenged us all to honour our leaders – parents, pastors (past & present) as honour carries with it a blessing – to live a long and healthy life.

Dishonour on the other hand always leads to disillusionment and a bitter root planting itself in our life. This is particularly important when it comes to authority figures. If we dishonour one leader (without dealing with it) it automatically says to our heart that every other leader we come across is open for dishonour too. And it won’t be long before we dishonour them as well. (It might not happen overnight but it will happen). How do I know this? Because I’ve done it of course and had to repent, forgive, get healing and deliverance.

But it will also set you up to dishonour God. And when we dishonour God he cannot be to us who we need him to be. At a time when the church in our nation is crying out for God to be God in our midst so often he cannot. Why? Because our personal life and our corporate life as a church has not given him the honour he deserves and so he cannot be God to us like we cry out for. You see honour releases someone to “be all they are” to you (in context of your relationship with them). Dishonour shuts that down.

It’s time to repent church for the way we have dishonoured God whether willingly or unknowingly by just going with the flow. We get upset when we talk about the way the Germans dishonoured the Jews and what that led to but we don’t realise that our dishonouring of God has had the same effect. We have unwittingly allowed his presence to be wiped out in many of our churches across the nation.

I remember not so long ago talking to a man (in leadership) from a church here in Auck. He was saying that it really saddened him that his child was twelve and had never seen the manifest presence of God in their church. Like the Germans he gave up trying to say anything – it was easier not to- and so now there is very little evidence on a Sunday in the meetings of the presence of God. The meetings run smoothly though like a well oiled clock, everything is in it’s place and on time. And a child grows up not knowing the real God his parents serve, just a church moulded copy of the real thing.

Of course that says nothing about their home life which could be entirely different but I somehow wonder whether that would be the case or not.

And all the time the world is waiting for the church to truly be the representatives of God we claim to be. Let’s sort it out Church there is work for us to do hand in hand with the Father whose love is waiting to be poured out on a hurting world. Let’s get out there and show them who God really is and the place to start is by giving Him the honour he so richly deserves.

(If you are interested you can get the CD set “The Power of Honour from us – just reply to this blog entry and we’ll send you out our resource list)